Major feature

  • Added support for multigraph languages in click_on_letter by GunChleoc.
  • Added a font selector in the config dialog box by Bruno Coudoin. This feature replaces the skin selector. Removed the skin gartoon as it is useless now.

Minor changes

  • Replaced torta py pastel in Spanish text exercise
  • Added support for localized sound by GunChleoc. The 'yummy yummy' gnumch voice can now be translated in voices/$LOCALE/misc/eat.wav
  • Added a cute background to hexagon by Bruno Coudoin. The background comes from
  • Updated FSF's address by Daniel Mustieles.
  • Geography, fixed reference to sri_lanka.ogg by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Hangman, added missing word files by Bruno Coudoin. The Scottish Gaelic word list was not installed. Added a French word list. Fixed support for accentuated letters. The code that also check for accentuated letter in the word to find was broken.
  • Fixed administration to accept UTF-8 user entries by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed login by text entry by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed admin log list, user 0 was missing by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed a typo in the help ctrl-x is now ctrl-q by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Awale activity, fixes some bugs especially party end by Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre.
  • Leftright, fixed manual. better button name for translation by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed wartercycle and hydroelectric activity click events by Hans de Goede.
  • Added bonus files from gartoon skin by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Changed default skin as gartoon, babytoy has been removed
  • Windows installer, fixed image format by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Config dialog layout change to make more room for texts by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Lang, fixed 'back to last level' mode by Bruno Coudoin. Fixed call to bonus so that we properly log success to each exercise.
  • Lang, fixed startup sequence in remember level mode by Bruno Coudoin. The ready button was bypassed in remember level mode.
  • Lang, fixed a python exec error case by Bruno Coudoin. If we have an error in the startup sequence a variable was used non initialized.
  • Lang activity, replaced by our own online version at (global replace in the code and the translations).
  • Administration, layout improvement by Bruno Coudoin. the module labels was too large. replaced them by tooltips.
  • Change back our licence file to properly report GPLV3+
  • Fixed selection of internal gnuchess by default by Cosimo Cecchi
  • click-on-letter, added french accentuated letters.
  • gnumch, fixed localization of eat.wav. A localize eat.wav can be provided in voices/$LOCALE/misc/eat.wav

Translation update

  • Fixed Russian translation by Stas Solovey.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Adorilson Bezerra.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Enrico Nicoletto.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael Ferreira.
  • Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký.
  • Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen.
  • Updated Dutch translation master by Herman van Beem.
  • Updated French translation by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Updated Galician translation by Gonçalo Cordeiro
  • Updated German translation by Christian Kirbach.
  • Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis.
  • Updated Hungarian translation by Gabor Kelemen
  • Updated Lithuanian translation by Aurimas Černius.
  • Updated Scottish Gaelic translation by GunChleoc.
  • Updated Serbian translation by Мирослав Николић.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Milagros Alessandra Infante Montero.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Rafael Ferreira
  • Updated russian word list by Mayya Sharipova.
  • Updated word list for gd by GunChleoc.
  • Updated English voice by Philip Morris and Julia Wycherley

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