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Regarding the section using the word 'Dice' Strictly speaking the word 'Die' should be used as there is only one 'dice' and 'Die' is the singular of 'Dice'

Most English speaking people do NOT make this distinction when speaking but when used in the context of written instructions people may be looking for more than one 'Die'.

I will leave this decision to the Authors of the system.

This may be seen as 'nitpicking' but as we are targeting an educational audience I think it behoves us to be as precise as possible.

Jeff Billing

Wouldn't Question Mark be a better description than Interrogation Mark? Searching English Wikipedia for Interrogation Mark re-directs to Question Mark. Making change. Anonymous 11:15, 2 Feb 2008 (CET)

My two year-old girls are completely frightened of the clown and sound that shows up after they finish the "show the picture" game that teaches how to use the mouse in the computer peripherals section.

I think it shows up too late and it should be maybe a checkmark or even nothing at all. There should be no sound accompaniment, as the sound is unexpected, it makes a small child jump. They were not too frightened of the clown at first, but after a while of conditioning to the unexpected sound, they were also afraid of the clown.