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GCompris is a large software which has numerous dependencies. We ask packagers to be very careful and follow this minimal and manual test process.


  • GCompris 8.3 is based on SDL_Mixer. TEST: run GCompris with sounds on, check it plays.
  • GCompris 8.4 and after is based on gstreamer. There are a major bug in some version of gstreamer that prevent GCompris to play short ogg voices. TEST: Go in the voices directory and play short sounds with totem (or a gstreamer baser audio player).

e.g: in the gcompris source directory run: totem boards/voices/fr/misc/ok.ogg

It you see the following error in the console, then you need to fix your gstsreamer:

(totem:12015): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_event_new_new_segment_full: assertion `start <= stop' failed

Administration module

The administration module rely on python and pysqlite.


  • There is a menu entry to run the GCompris administration module.
  • Run the administration module and check the activity menu displays the activities in the tree view.

Full screen

TEST: Run GCompris in full screen and check the desktop bars are under our window.