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Jose is working on a new board, where the kid have to recognise the instrument played.



  • sounds alphabets files transition tu Uxxxx.ogg, where xxxx is the unicode char. Get 0.ogg ... 9.ogg like that? what to do with 20.ogg ... ?

Words list


  • parsing of new xml format for default wordlist.

to do (after 7.1):

  • import wordslist in db.
  • Make wordsgame and reading take wordslist from db.
  • make a wordslist editor with import/export db<->xml.

alphabetical list

to do:

  • make alphabets (used in memory, gletters, click_on_letter) editable too. Pb: sounds in click_on_letter.


Tried to set Domestic Manners from http://www.dustismo.com/nuc/fonts.php (GPL fonts) as default font. Works in en, fr, nn. Cyrillic failback to cyrillic font, that's looks correct. But Vietameese (vietnamien) fails. Letters like Ä‘ failback to default font, that's ugly ! Maybe:

to do:

  • find a solution.

Splitting source

GCompris source has to be splitted into at least two parts: gcompris and gcompris-data. See GCompris split source.

ToDo order

  • wordlists/alphabet editor
  • reports
  • cut GCompris into gcompris and gcompris-data. All l10n string must stay in gcompris, all images, sounds, must go in gcompis-data

Electric activity

  • Improvement/fix
    • Wire numbering: gnucap request a wire 0, currently gcompris does but using a ugly hack
    • gcompris doesn't handle sub components (see rheostat code)
    • define component set available per level.
  • enhancement
    • Add other components:
      • wind mill (that interact with the PC microphone?), dynamo (bicycle), solar panel and refillable battery (the goal is to teach renewable energies)
      • relay, buzzer, transistor (passed/blocked mode)
      • speaker (that interact with the PC speaker?)
      • LED, 7 segment display
      • Add a way to explain binary logic? (typical usage is BCD to 7 segments converter)
      • microphone (that interact with the PC microphone?)
    • Add gnucap AC Analysis?
    • Allow more componenets/wires to be placed on the board => use smaller nodes/components?
  • Other idea:

Reading a story

See the page Oscar and friends for a story reading activity.