Intro (en/intro/)

These files are missing

File Description
algebra_div.ogg title: description: voice: Find the result of the division and type in your answer before the balloon lands in the water
alphabet-sequence.ogg title: description: voice: Move the helicopter to catch the clouds following the order of the alphabet.
baby_wordprocessor.ogg title: description: voice: A simplistic word processor to play around with the keyboard
balancebox.ogg title: description: voice: Tilt the box to navigate the ball to the door.
ballcatch.ogg title: description: voice: Press the left and right arrow key at the same time to send the ball straight on
bargame_2players.ogg title: description: voice: Click the number of balls you wish to place in the holes and then click the OK button. The winner is the one who hasn't put a ball in the red hole.
binary_bulb.ogg title: description: voice: Turn on the right bulbs to represent the binary of the given decimal number. When you have achieved it, press OK
calendar.ogg title: description: voice: Select the asked date on the calendar
categorization.ogg title: description: voice: Categorize the elements into the correct group
checkers.ogg title: description: voice: play checkers against the computer
checkers_2players.ogg title: description: voice: play checkers with your friend
chess.ogg title: description: voice: play chess against Tux
chess_2players.ogg title: description: voice: play chess against your friend
digital_electricity.ogg title: description: voice: Learn how digital electronics work and create your own circuit.
drawletters.ogg title: description: voice: Click on the selected points and draw the letter
drawnumbers.ogg title: description: voice: Draw the numbers by connecting the dots in the correct order.
explore_monuments.ogg title: description: voice: Explore Monuments around the world.
family.ogg title: description: voice: Let us understand what to call our relatives
family_find_relative.ogg title: description: Click on a pair corresponding to the given relation voice: Click on a pair that defines the given relation
find_the_day.ogg title: description: voice: Select the required day.
followline.ogg title: description: voice: Move the mouse or your finger along the pipe to stop the fire.
football.ogg title: description: voice: Drag a line from the ball to set the speed and direction of your kick.
graph-coloring.ogg title: description: voice: Color the graph so that no two adjacent nodes have the same color.
letter-in-word.ogg title: description: voice: Click on all the words containing the wanted letter.
memory-case-association-tux.ogg title: description: voice: Match the upper case card with its lower case pair.
memory-case-association.ogg title: description: voice: Match the upper case card with its lower case pair.
nine_men_morris.ogg title: description: voice: Click on the dot where you wish to place your piece and try to take all Tux's pieces.
nine_men_morris_2players.ogg title: description: voice: Click on the dot where you wish to place your piece and try to take all your friend's pieces.
numbers-odd-even.ogg title: description: voice: Move the helicopter to catch the clouds having even or odd numbers, in the shown order.
penalty.ogg title: description: voice: Double click or double tap on the goal, in order to score.
programmingMaze.ogg title: voice: Arrange the instructions and traverse the correct path to reach the fish.
renewable_energy.ogg title: description: voice: Click on the different stages that go to make up the power supply.
roman_numerals.ogg title: description: voice: Learn and practice roman to arabic numerals conversion
scalesboard_weight_avoirdupois.ogg title: description: voice: Drag the weights up to balance the scales.
share.ogg title: description: voice: Share the candies equally among the specified number of children and notice that there may be a rest left
simplepaint.ogg title: description: voice: Select a color and paint the rectangles as you like to create a drawing.
solar_system.ogg title: description: voice: Answer the questions presented and get a 100% correctness among the options.
tic_tac_toe.ogg title: description: voice: Click on the square which you wish to mark and try to mark 3 consecutive squares before Tux.
tic_tac_toe_2players.ogg title: description: voice: Click on the square which you wish to mark and try to mark 3 consecutive squares before Tux.

Letters (en/alphabet/)

Misc (en/misc/)

Colors (en/colors/)

Geography (en/geography/)

These files are missing

File Description

Words (en/words/)

These files are missing

File Description
accountant.ogg accountant
ache.ogg ache
acorn.ogg acorn
actor.ogg actor
air_horn.ogg air horn
alarmclock.ogg alarmclock
alphabet.ogg alphabet
angry.ogg angry
ankle.ogg ankle
ant.ogg ant
anteater.ogg anteater
antelope.ogg antelope
apple.ogg apple
apple_tree.ogg apple tree
appliance.ogg appliance
apricot.ogg apricot
arm.ogg arm
armchair.ogg armchair
artichoke.ogg artichoke
artist.ogg artist
asparagus.ogg asparagus
astronaut.ogg astronaut
avocado.ogg avocado
ax.ogg ax
baby_bottle.ogg baby bottle
bald.ogg bald
ball_of_yarn.ogg ball of yarn
ball_soccer.ogg soccer ball
banker_female.ogg female banker
bathing_suit.ogg bathing suit
bean.ogg bean
bear.ogg bear
beard.ogg beard
beat.ogg to beat
beaver.ogg beaver
bedroom.ogg bedroom
behind.ogg behind
bell.ogg bell
belly.ogg belly
big_top.ogg big top
blackberry.ogg blackberry
blackbird.ogg blackbird
blade.ogg blade
blueberry.ogg blueberry
blush.ogg blush
bolt.ogg bolt
bookcase.ogg bookcase
bottom.ogg bottom
boxer.ogg boxer
breast.ogg breast
bricklayer.ogg bricklayer
broccoli.ogg broccoli
bubble.ogg bubble
bucket.ogg bucket
buffalo.ogg buffalo
bulb.ogg bulb
bull.ogg bull
bus.ogg bus
butcher.ogg butcher
butter.ogg butter
butterfly.ogg butterfly
button.ogg button
cabbage.ogg cabbage
cacao.ogg cacao
cactus.ogg cactus
camera.ogg camera
canary.ogg canary
canon.ogg canon
canyon.ogg canyon
carafe.ogg carafe
carnival.ogg carnival
carpenter.ogg carpenter
carpet.ogg carpet
cat_female.ogg female cat
caterpillar.ogg caterpillar
cauldron.ogg cauldron
cauliflower.ogg cauliflower
cavern.ogg cavern
celery.ogg celery
cereal.ogg cereal
chain.ogg chain
chameleon.ogg chameleon
chandelier.ogg chandelier
cheek.ogg cheek
chef.ogg chef
chimney.ogg chimney
chores.ogg chores
christmas.ogg christmas
cigar.ogg cigar
circus.ogg circus
city.ogg city
cleaning_lady.ogg cleaning lady
clothes_hanger.ogg clothes hanger
cloudy.ogg cloudy
clover.ogg clover
coast.ogg coast
cobra.ogg cobra
coconut.ogg coconut
cod.ogg cod
coffee.ogg coffee
colt.ogg colt
cook.ogg to cook
cork.ogg cork
cough.ogg to cough
couple.ogg couple
cradle.ogg cradle
craft.ogg craft
creek.ogg creek
crepe.ogg crepe
cross.ogg cross
crystal.ogg crystal
curtain.ogg curtain
daffodil.ogg daffodil
daisy.ogg daisy
dam.ogg dam
dandelion.ogg dandelion
dart_board.ogg dart board
date_fruit.ogg date fruit
deer.ogg deer
desert.ogg desert
dessert.ogg dessert
diamond.ogg diamond
dishcloth.ogg dishcloth
doctor.ogg doctor
doe.ogg doe
doll.ogg doll
dolphin.ogg dolphin
domino.ogg domino
doormat.ogg doormat
doughnut.ogg doughnut
dove.ogg dove
dragonfly.ogg dragonfly
drawer.ogg drawer
drip.ogg drip
duck_mother.ogg duck mother
dwarf.ogg dwarf
eagle.ogg eagle
egg.ogg egg
eggplant.ogg eggplant
elbow.ogg elbow
electrician.ogg electrician
elk.ogg elk
engine.ogg engine
engineer.ogg engineer
eraser.ogg eraser
eyelash.ogg eyelash
eyes.ogg eyes
fairy.ogg fairy
fall.ogg to fall
fall_season.ogg fall season
family.ogg family
farmer.ogg farmer
faucet.ogg faucet
fawn.ogg fawn
fear.ogg fear
feather.ogg feather
feed.ogg to feed
femur.ogg femur
fig.ogg fig
finger.ogg finger
fire_extinguisher.ogg fire extinguisher
fireman.ogg fireman
fisherman.ogg fisherman
flacon.ogg flacon
flamingo.ogg flamingo
fluff.ogg fluff
foam.ogg foam
forest.ogg forest
fries.ogg fries
garage.ogg garage
garlic.ogg garlic
glasses.ogg glasses
golden.ogg golden
golf.ogg golf
goose.ogg goose
gorilla.ogg gorilla
grain.ogg grain
grandmother.ogg grandmother
grape.ogg grape
grapefruit.ogg grapefruit
grill.ogg grill
guignol.ogg guignol
guinea_pig.ogg guinea pig
hair_dryer.ogg hair-dryer
half.ogg half
ham.ogg ham
hamburger.ogg hamburger
hammer.ogg hammer
handlebar.ogg handlebar
harp.ogg harp
hedgehog.ogg hedgehog
heel.ogg heel
helmet.ogg helmet
hill.ogg hill
hippopotamus.ogg hippopotamus
hive.ogg hive
hockey.ogg hockey
horse.ogg horse
hospital.ogg hospital
hot_dog.ogg hot dog
house.ogg house
hummingbird.ogg hummingbird
hunchbacked.ogg hunchbacked
husband.ogg husband
hyena.ogg hyena
iceberg.ogg iceberg
iguana.ogg iguana
ill.ogg ill
island.ogg island
jacket.ogg jacket
jaguar.ogg jaguar
jam.ogg jam
jay.ogg jay
jelly.ogg jelly
jellyfish.ogg jellyfish
job.ogg job
jockey.ogg jockey
joy.ogg joy
judo.ogg judo
juggler.ogg juggler
kangaroo.ogg kangaroo
keel.ogg keel
kernel.ogg kernel
keyboard.ogg keyboard
kimono.ogg kimono
king.ogg king
kiss.ogg to kiss
kitchen.ogg kitchen
kitten.ogg kitten
kiwi.ogg kiwi
koala.ogg koala
lady.ogg lady
ladybug.ogg ladybug
lama.ogg lama
lasso.ogg lasso
laugh.ogg to laugh
lava.ogg lava
lawyer.ogg lawyer
leaf.ogg leaf
leek.ogg leek
leg.ogg leg
lemon.ogg lemon
lemonade.ogg lemonade
lemur.ogg lemur
leopard.ogg leopard
lettuce.ogg lettuce
librarian.ogg librarian
lighthouse.ogg lighthouse
lightning.ogg lightning
lilac.ogg lilac
lion.ogg lion
lion_cub.ogg lion cub
lizard.ogg lizard
lobster.ogg lobster
magnet.ogg magnet
magnifying_glass.ogg magnifying glass
magpie.ogg magpie
mail.ogg mail
man.ogg man
mango.ogg mango
maple.ogg maple
marble.ogg marble
mashed_potatoes.ogg mashed potatoes
mast.ogg mast
mattress.ogg mattress
mauve.ogg mauve
meal.ogg meal
meat.ogg meat
mechanic.ogg mechanic
medal.ogg medal
melon.ogg melon
merry-go-round.ogg merry-go-round
microphone.ogg microphone
milk.ogg milk
mill.ogg mill
mimosa.ogg mimosa
mirror.ogg mirror
mixer.ogg mixer
mom.ogg mom
moon.ogg moon
moose.ogg moose
mosque.ogg mosque
mother.ogg mother
motorcycle.ogg motorcycle
mountain.ogg mountain
mouse.ogg mouse
movie.ogg movie
mower.ogg mower
muscle.ogg muscle
music.ogg music
musician.ogg musician
naked.ogg naked
navel.ogg navel
necklace.ogg necklace
needle.ogg needle
newspaper.ogg newspaper
nightgown.ogg nightgown
nostril.ogg nostril
notebook.ogg notebook
number.ogg number
nun.ogg nun
nurse.ogg nurse
nurse_male.ogg male nurse
office.ogg office
olive.ogg olive
onion.ogg onion
open.ogg open
opossum.ogg opossum
orchid.ogg orchid
ostrich.ogg ostrich
otter.ogg otter
oyster.ogg oyster
pacifier.ogg pacifier
pajamas.ogg pajamas
palm_tree.ogg palm tree
panda.ogg panda
panther.ogg panther
panties.ogg panties
pants.ogg pants
papaya.ogg papaya
paper.ogg paper
parachute.ogg parachute
parakeet.ogg parakeet
parrot.ogg parrot
pea.ogg pea
peacock.ogg peacock
peak.ogg peak
pear.ogg pear
pearl.ogg pearl
pedal.ogg pedal
pelican.ogg pelican
peony.ogg peony
people.ogg people
pepper.ogg pepper
peppers.ogg peppers
petal.ogg petal
phone.ogg phone
piano.ogg piano
pie.ogg pie
pigeon.ogg pigeon
pill.ogg pill
pillow.ogg pillow
pilot.ogg pilot
pine_cone.ogg pine cone
pip.ogg pip
pipe.ogg pipe
piranha.ogg piranha
pirate.ogg pirate
pizza.ogg pizza
planet.ogg planet
pliers.ogg pliers
plumber.ogg plumber
pocket.ogg pocket
pod.ogg pod
police.ogg police
pompon.ogg pompon
pond.ogg pond
pony.ogg pony
popcorn.ogg popcorn
porthole.ogg porthole
post.ogg post
potato.ogg potato
president.ogg president
priest.ogg priest
prison.ogg prison
prisoner.ogg prisoner
pull.ogg to pull
pullover.ogg pullover
pumpkin.ogg pumpkin
pyramid.ogg pyramid
rabbit.ogg rabbit
rabbit_baby.ogg baby rabbit
race.ogg race
radio.ogg radio
radish.ogg radish
raft.ogg raft
rain.ogg rain
raincoat.ogg raincoat
raspberry.ogg raspberry
razor.ogg razor
reptile.ogg reptile
rhinoceros.ogg rhinoceros
rifle.ogg rifle
rise.ogg to rise
river.ogg river
road.ogg road
roast.ogg roast
robe.ogg robe
robot.ogg robot
rocket.ogg rocket
rolling_pin.ogg rolling pin
room.ogg room
root.ogg root
rowing.ogg rowing
saddle.ogg saddle
sailor.ogg sailor
salamander.ogg salamander
salmon.ogg salmon
sandals.ogg sandals
sash.ogg sash
sausage.ogg sausage
scare.ogg to scare
school_bag.ogg school bag
scissors.ogg scissors
scorpion.ogg scorpion
screwdriver.ogg screwdriver
sea.ogg sea
shadow.ogg shadow
shave.ogg to shave
sheep.ogg sheep
shoelace.ogg shoelace
shovel.ogg shovel
shutter.ogg shutter
sidewalk.ogg sidewalk
sister.ogg sister
skeleton.ogg skeleton
skimmer.ogg skimmer
slam.ogg to slam
slim.ogg slim
slippers.ogg slippers
sloppy.ogg sloppy
slot.ogg slot
sloth.ogg sloth
slug.ogg slug
soap.ogg soap
sob.ogg sob
soldier.ogg soldier
sole.ogg sole
sole_shoe.ogg sole shoe
son.ogg son
soup.ogg soup
spade.ogg spade
spark.ogg spark
sparrow.ogg sparrow
spatula.ogg spatula
speak.ogg to speak
spice.ogg spice
spider_web.ogg spider web
spinach.ogg spinach
spine.ogg spine
spinning_top.ogg spinning top
spool.ogg spool
spring_season.ogg spring season
staircase.ogg staircase
steam.ogg steam
steep.ogg steep
steeple.ogg steeple
step.ogg step
stinky.ogg stinky
stitch.ogg to stitch
stomach.ogg stomach
strainer.ogg strainer
student.ogg student
sugar.ogg sugar
suitcase.ogg suitcase
summit.ogg summit
sweatshirt.ogg sweatshirt
table.ogg table
tablecloth.ogg tablecloth
tadpole.ogg tadpole
tail.ogg tail
tape_measure.ogg tape measure
taxi.ogg taxi
tear.ogg to tear
teddy.ogg teddy
television.ogg television
temple.ogg temple
tennis.ogg tennis
tent.ogg tent
text.ogg text
thief.ogg thief
thumb.ogg thumb
ticket.ogg ticket
tiger.ogg tiger
tin.ogg tin
tire.ogg tire
tissue.ogg tissue
to_drink.ogg to drink
toad.ogg toad
toaster.ogg toaster
toe.ogg toe
tomatoe.ogg tomatoe
tongs.ogg tongs
tongue.ogg tongue
train_station.ogg train station
triangle.ogg triangle
tribe.ogg tribe
trip.ogg trip
tulip.ogg tulip
turkey.ogg turkey
turnip.ogg turnip
turtle.ogg turtle
tusk.ogg tusk
twin_boys.ogg twin boys
twin_girls.ogg twin girls
umbrella.ogg umbrella
uniform.ogg uniform
vapor.ogg vapour
vase.ogg vase
vegetable.ogg vegetable
vein.ogg vein
verdure.ogg verdure
vest.ogg vest
viper.ogg viper
vowel.ogg vowel
vulture.ogg vulture
wall.ogg wall
walnut.ogg walnut
wart.ogg wart
wasp.ogg wasp
wave.ogg wave
wedding.ogg wedding
weight.ogg weight
whale.ogg whale
wide.ogg wide
wife.ogg wife
window.ogg window
window_glass.ogg window glass
winter.ogg winter
wolf.ogg wolf
woman.ogg woman
word.ogg word
worker.ogg worker
world.ogg world
wreath.ogg wreath
yellow.ogg yellow
yogurt.ogg yogurt
zebra.ogg zebra
zipper.ogg zipper

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