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accountant (job)

ache (emotion)

acorn (plant)

actor (job)

air horn (object)

alarmclock (houseware)

alligator (animal)

alphabet (other)

anchor (object)

angel (other)

angry (emotion)

animal (animal)

ankle (bodyparts)

ant (animal)

anteater (animal)

antelope (animal)

apple (fruit)

apple tree (plant)

appliance (houseware)

apricot (fruit)

arm (bodyparts)

armchair (furniture)

artichoke (vegetables)

artist (job)

asparagus (vegetables)

astronaut (job)

athlete (sport)

avocado (vegetables)

ax (tool)

baby bottle (houseware)

baby rabbit (animal)

back (bodyparts)

badge (object)

bag (object)

bait (animal)

balance (houseware)

bald (adjective)

ball (object)

ball of yarn (object)

ballet (sport)

bank (construction)

banker female (job)

barn (construction)

bat (animal)

bath (furniture)

bathing suit (clothes)

bay (nature)

beach (nature)

bean (vegetables)

bear (animal)

beard (bodyparts)

beaver (animal)

bed (furniture)

bedroom (construction)

bee (animal)

beetle (animal)

behind (other)

bell (object)

belly (bodyparts)

bench (furniture)

bib (clothes)

big (adjective)

big top (construction)

bike (transport)

bird (animal)

bit (other)

black (color)

blackberry (fruit)

blackbird (animal)

blade (houseware)

blind (adjective)

block (object)

blond (adjective)

blue (color)

blueberry (fruit)

blush (emotion)

board (object)

boat (transport)

bolt (tool)

bomb (object)

bone (other)

book (object)

bookcase (furniture)

bottom (bodyparts)

box (object)

boxer (job)

boy (people)

braid (bodyparts)

brain (bodyparts)

branch (plant)

bread (food)

breast (bodyparts)

brick (tool)

bricklayer (job)

bride (people)

bridge (construction)

bright (adjective)

broccoli (vegetables)

brother (people)

brown (color)

brush (tool)

bubble (other)

bucket (object)

bud (plant)

buffalo (animal)

bug (animal)

bulb (object)

bull (animal)

bump (bodyparts)

bun (food)

bus (transport)

bush (plant)

butcher (job)

butter (food)

butterfly (animal)

button (clothes)

cabbage (vegetables)

cabin (construction)

cacao (fruit)

cactus (plant)

cage (construction)

cake (food)

camel (animal)

camera (object)

camp (other)

can (houseware)

canary (animal)

candle (object)

candy (food)

cane (object)

canoe (transport)

canon (object)

canyon (nature)

cap (clothes)

cape (clothes)

car (transport)

carafe (houseware)

card (object)

carnival (other)

carpenter (job)

carpet (furniture)

carrot (vegetables)

cart (object)

cash (object)

castle (construction)

cat (animal)

caterpillar (animal)

cauldron (houseware)

cauliflower (vegetables)

cave (nature)

cavern (nature)

celery (vegetables)

centipede (animal)

cereal (food)

chain (object)

chair (furniture)

chalk (object)

chameleon (animal)

chandelier (houseware)

cheek (bodyparts)

cheer (sport)

cheese (food)

chef (job)

cherry (fruit)

chest (furniture)

chick (animal)

chicken (animal)

child (people)

chimney (construction)

chimp (animal)

chin (bodyparts)

chocolate (food)

chores (other)

christmas (other)

cigar (object)

circus (construction)

city (construction)

clam (animal)

class (construction)

claw (animal)

clay (object)

cleaning lady (job)

cliff (nature)

climb (sport)

clock (houseware)

cloth (object)

clothes hanger (object)

cloud (nature)

cloudy (nature)

clover (plant)

clown (job)

coach (job)

coast (nature)

coat (clothes)

cobra (animal)

coconut (fruit)

cod (animal)

coffee (food)

coin (object)

cold (nature)

color (color)

colt (animal)

comb (object)

cone (object)

cookie (food)

cork (object)

corn (vegetables)

couch (furniture)

couple (people)

cow (animal)

cowboy (job)

crab (animal)

cradle (furniture)

craft (other)

crazy (adjective)

creek (nature)

crepe (food)

crib (furniture)

crocodile (animal)

cross (object)

crow (animal)

crown (object)

crumb (food)

crust (food)

crystal (nature)

cube (object)

cucumber (vegetables)

curtain (houseware)

cute (adjective)

dad (people)

daffodil (plant)

daisy (plant)

dam (construction)

dance (sport)

dandelion (plant)

dart board (object)

date fruit (fruit)

deer (animal)

den (animal)

desert (nature)

desk (furniture)

dessert (food)

diamond (nature)

dirt (nature)

dirty (adjective)

dish (houseware)

dishcloth (object)

dive (sport)

doctor (job)

doe (animal)

dog (animal)

doll (object)

dolphin (animal)

domino (object)

door (construction)

doormat (furniture)

dot (other)

doughnut (food)

dove (animal)

dragon (animal)

dragonfly (animal)

drawer (furniture)

dress (clothes)

drink (food)

drip (nature)

drum (object)

duck (animal)

duck mother (animal)

dune (nature)

dwarf (people)

eagle (animal)

ear (bodyparts)

earth (nature)

egg (food)

eggplant (vegetables)

eight (number)

elbow (bodyparts)

electrician (job)

eleven (number)

elk (animal)

empty (adjective)

engine (other)

engineer (job)

eraser (object)

explore (sport)

eyelash (bodyparts)

eyes (bodyparts)

face (bodyparts)

fair (construction)

fairy (other)

fall season (nature)

family (people)

fan (furniture)

farm (construction)

farmer (job)

fat (adjective)

faucet (object)

fawn (animal)

fear (emotion)

feast (food)

feather (animal)

female cat (animal)

femur (bodyparts)

fig (fruit)

fin (animal)

finger (bodyparts)

fire (nature)

fire extinguisher (object)

fireman (job)

fish (animal)

fisherman (job)

fist (bodyparts)

five (number)

flacon (object)

flag (object)

flame (nature)

flamingo (animal)

flash (tool)

flat (other)

flies (animal)

flour (food)

flower (plant)

fluff (object)

flute (object)

foam (object)

foot (bodyparts)

forest (nature)

fork (houseware)

fountain (construction)

four (number)

fox (animal)

friend (people)

fries (food)

frog (animal)

front (other)

fruit (fruit)

fudge (food)

full (adjective)

fur (animal)

game (object)

garage (construction)

garden (nature)

garlic (vegetables)

gem (nature)

giant (adjective)

gift (object)

giraffe (animal)

girl (people)

glass (houseware)

glasses (object)

glove (clothes)

glue (object)

gnome (other)

goat (animal)

golden (adjective)

golf (sport)

goose (animal)

gorilla (animal)

grain (plant)

grandmother (people)

grape (fruit)

grapefruit (fruit)

grass (plant)

grave (construction)

gray (color)

green (color)

grill (object)

grin (bodyparts)

ground (nature)

guignol (other)

guinea pig (animal)

gum (food)

hair (bodyparts)

hair-dryer (object)

half (other)

ham (food)

hamburger (food)

hammer (tool)

hand (bodyparts)

handlebar (object)

happy (adjective)

harp (object)

hat (clothes)

hay (plant)

head (bodyparts)

heat (nature)

hedge (plant)

hedgehog (animal)

heel (clothes)

helmet (clothes)

hen (animal)

herd (animal)

high (adjective)

hike (sport)

hill (nature)

hip (bodyparts)

hippopotamus (animal)

hit (sport)

hive (animal)

hockey (sport)

hole (nature)

home (construction)

hook (object)

hop (sport)

horse (animal)

hose (object)

hospital (construction)

hot (adjective)

hot dog (food)

hound (animal)

house (construction)

huge (adjective)

hummingbird (animal)

hunchbacked (adjective)

hunter (job)

husband (people)

hut (construction)

hyena (animal)

ice (food)

iceberg (nature)

iguana (animal)

ill (adjective)

ink (object)

island (nature)

jacket (clothes)

jaguar (animal)

jam (food)

jay (animal)

jelly (food)

jellyfish (animal)

jewel (object)

job (job)

jockey (job)

jog (sport)

joy (emotion)

judge (job)

judo (sport)

juggler (job)

juice (food)

kangaroo (animal)

keel (object)

kernel (fruit)

keyboard (object)

kimono (clothes)

king (other)

kitchen (construction)

kite (object)

kitten (animal)

kiwi (fruit)

knee (bodyparts)

knife (houseware)

knight (other)

knot (object)

koala (animal)

lad (other)

lady (people)

ladybug (animal)

lake (nature)

lama (animal)

lamb (animal)

lamp (furniture)

land (nature)

lane (construction)

lap (bodyparts)

lasso (object)

lava (nature)

lawn (plant)

lawyer (job)

leaf (plant)

ledge (nature)

leek (vegetables)

left (other)

leg (bodyparts)

lemon (fruit)

lemonade (food)

lemur (animal)

leopard (animal)

lettuce (vegetables)

librarian (job)

lid (houseware)

lift (sport)

light (other)

lighthouse (construction)

lightning (nature)

lilac (plant)

lime (fruit)

line (other)

link (other)

lion (animal)

lion cub (animal)

lip (bodyparts)

liquid (adjective)

lizard (animal)

lobster (animal)

log (object)

lunch (food)

mad (emotion)

magic (adjective)

magnet (object)

magnifying glass (object)

magpie (animal)

mail (object)

man (people)

mane (animal)

mango (fruit)

map (object)

maple (plant)

marble (object)

mashed potatoes (food)

mask (object)

mast (object)

mat (furniture)

match (object)

mate (people)

mattress (furniture)

mauve (color)

meal (food)

meat (food)

mechanic (job)

medal (object)

melon (fruit)

merry-go-round (construction)

mice (animal)

microphone (object)

milk (food)

mill (construction)

mimosa (plant)

mirror (object)

mixer (object)

mole (animal)

mom (people)

moon (nature)

moose (animal)

mop (houseware)

mosque (construction)

mosquito (animal)

mother (people)

motorcycle (transport)

mountain (nature)

mouse (animal)

mouth (bodyparts)

movie (other)

mower (tool)

mud (nature)

mug (houseware)

mule (animal)

muscle (bodyparts)

mushroom (vegetables)

music (other)

musician (job)

naked (adjective)

navel (bodyparts)

neck (bodyparts)

necklace (object)

needle (tool)

nest (object)

net (object)

newspaper (object)

night (nature)

nightgown (clothes)

nine (number)

nose (bodyparts)

nostril (bodyparts)

notebook (object)

number (other)

nun (job)

nurse (job)

nurse male (job)

nut (vegetables)

oar (object)

ocean (nature)

office (construction)

olive (vegetables)

on (other)

one (number)

onion (vegetables)

open (adjective)

opossum (animal)

orange (fruit)

orange color (color)

orchid (plant)

ostrich (animal)

otter (animal)

owl (animal)

ox (animal)

oyster (animal)

pacifier (object)

page (object)

pair (object)

pajamas (clothes)

pal (people)

palm tree (plant)

pan (houseware)

panda (animal)

panther (animal)

panties (clothes)

pants (clothes)

papaya (fruit)

paper (object)

parachute (transport)

parakeet (animal)

parrot (animal)

patch (clothes)

path (nature)

paw (animal)

pea (vegetables)

peach (fruit)

peacock (animal)

peak (nature)

pear (fruit)

pearl (object)

pedal (other)

pelican (animal)

pen (object)

pencil (object)

peony (plant)

people (people)

pepper (food)

peppers (vegetables)

pet (animal)

petal (plant)

phone (object)

piano (object)

picture (object)

pie (food)

pig (animal)

pigeon (animal)

pill (object)

pillow (object)

pilot (job)

pine (plant)

pine cone (plant)

pink (color)

pip (plant)

pipe (object)

piranha (animal)

pirate (other)

pizza (food)

plane (transport)

planet (nature)

plant (plant)

plate (houseware)

pliers (tool)

plum (fruit)

plumber (job)

pocket (clothes)

pod (vegetables)

pole (object)

police (job)

pompon (clothes)

pond (nature)

pony (animal)

pool (construction)

popcorn (food)

pope (other)

porthole (other)

post (construction)

pot (houseware)

potato (vegetables)

president (other)

pretty (adjective)

price (other)

priest (job)

prince (other)

princess (other)

prison (construction)

prisoner (other)

prize (object)

pug (animal)

pullover (clothes)

pumpkin (vegetables)

puppy (animal)

pyramid (construction)

queen (other)

question (other)

quilt (furniture)

quiz (other)

rabbit (animal)

race (sport)

radio (object)

radish (vegetables)

raft (transport)

rag (object)

rage (emotion)

rain (nature)

raincoat (clothes)

rake (tool)

ramp (construction)

ran (sport)

raspberry (fruit)

rat (animal)

razor (object)

red (color)

reptile (animal)

rhinoceros (animal)

rice (food)

ride (sport)

rifle (object)

right (other)

river (nature)

road (construction)

roast (food)

robe (clothes)

robot (object)

rock (nature)

rocket (other)

rolling pin (object)

roof (construction)

room (construction)

root (plant)

rope (object)

rose (plant)

round (other)

rowing (sport)

royal (adjective)

rug (furniture)

sad (emotion)

saddle (object)

sail (transport)

sailor (job)

salamander (animal)

salmon (animal)

sand (nature)

sandals (clothes)

sandwich (food)

sash (clothes)

sauce (food)

sausage (food)

scale (houseware)

scar (bodyparts)

scarf (clothes)

school (construction)

school bag (object)

science (other)

scissors (tool)

scorpion (animal)

screw (tool)

screwdriver (tool)

sea (nature)

seat (furniture)

seed (plant)

seven (number)

shadow (nature)

shark (animal)

shed (construction)

sheep (animal)

shelf (furniture)

shell (animal)

ship (transport)

shirt (clothes)

shoe (clothes)

shoelace (clothes)

shop (construction)

shore (nature)

short (clothes)

shovel (tool)

shower (furniture)

shrimp (animal)

shrub (plant)

shut (adjective)

shutter (construction)

sick (adjective)

sidewalk (construction)

sign (object)

sink (furniture)

sister (people)

six (number)

sixteen (number)

skate (sport)

skeleton (bodyparts)

ski (sport)

skimmer (houseware)

skin (bodyparts)

skirt (clothes)

skunk (animal)

sky (nature)

sled (transport)

sleeve (clothes)

sleigh (object)

slide (object)

slim (adjective)

slime (animal)

slippers (clothes)

slope (nature)

sloppy (adjective)

slot (object)

sloth (animal)

slug (animal)

small (adjective)

smile (emotion)

smock (clothes)

smoke (nature)

snack (food)

snail (animal)

snake (animal)

sneaker (clothes)

snow (nature)

soap (object)

sob (emotion)

soccer ball (object)

sock (clothes)

soldier (job)

sole (animal)

sole shoe (clothes)

son (people)

soup (food)

spade (tool)

spaghetti (food)

spark (object)

sparrow (animal)

spatula (houseware)

spear (tool)

spice (food)

spider (animal)

spider web (nature)

spike (animal)

spinach (vegetables)

spine (bodyparts)

spinning top (object)

splatter (other)

sponge (houseware)

spool (object)

spoon (houseware)

sport (sport)

spot (other)

spring season (nature)

sprinkle (food)

square (other)

squash (vegetables)

squid (animal)

squirrel (animal)

squirt (object)

stack (object)

stage (construction)

staircase (construction)

stamp (object)

stand (other)

star (nature)

starfish (animal)

steam (nature)

steep (adjective)

steeple (construction)

stem (plant)

step (construction)

stew (food)

stick (plant)

stinky (adjective)

stomach (bodyparts)

stone (nature)

store (construction)

stove (furniture)

straight (adjective)

strainer (houseware)

straw (object)

strawberry (fruit)

stream (nature)

street (construction)

string (object)

stripe (other)

strong (adjective)

student (other)

stump (plant)

sugar (food)

suit (clothes)

suitcase (object)

summer (nature)

summit (nature)

sun (nature)

swan (animal)

sweat (bodyparts)

sweatshirt (clothes)

swim (sport)

table (furniture)

tablecloth (houseware)

tadpole (animal)

tag (object)

tail (animal)

tall (adjective)

tape measure (tool)

taxi (transport)

teacher (job)

teddy (object)

teeth (bodyparts)

television (furniture)

temple (construction)

ten (number)

tennis (sport)

tent (construction)

text (other)

thick (adjective)

thief (other)

thigh (bodyparts)

thread (object)

three (number)

throat (bodyparts)

throw (sport)

thumb (bodyparts)

tick (animal)

ticket (object)

tiger (animal)

time (nature)

tin (houseware)

tire (object)

tired (adjective)

tissue (object)

to bark (action)

to beat (action)

to beg (action)

to bite (action)

to blink (action)

to boil (action)

to break (action)

to call (action)

to catch (action)

to chat (action)

to chop (action)

to clap (action)

to clean (action)

to cook (action)

to cough (action)

to crawl (action)

to croak (action)

to cry (action)

to cut (action)

to dig (action)

to draw (action)

to dream (action)

to drink (action)

to drive (action)

to drool (action)

to dry (action)

to eat (action)

to fall (action)

to feed (action)

to fetch (action)

to find (action)

to float (action)

to fly (action)

to freeze (action)

to growl (action)

to hatch (action)

to hear (action)

to howl (action)

to hug (action)

to jump (action)

to kiss (action)

to kneel (action)

to knit (action)

to laugh (emotion)

to lick (action)

to look (action)

to meet (action)

to nap (action)

to peck (action)

to play (action)

to plow (action)

to pounce (action)

to pull (action)

to quarrel (action)

to read (action)

to rip (action)

to rise (action)

to run (action)

to scare (action)

to scratch (action)

to scream (action)

to scribble (action)

to see (action)

to shake (action)

to shave (action)

to sing (action)

to sip (action)

to sit (action)

to slam (action)

to sleep (action)

to smell (action)

to smooch (action)

to sniff (action)

to speak (action)

to spill (action)

to splash (action)

to spray (action)

to spread (action)

to spring (action)

to squat (action)

to stare (action)

to sting (action)

to stitch (action)

to stop (action)

to stretch (action)

to study (action)

to teach (action)

to tear (action)

to think (action)

to touch (action)

to wag (action)

to walk (action)

to wash (action)

to whisper (action)

to win (action)

to write (action)

toad (animal)

toaster (houseware)

toe (bodyparts)

toilet (furniture)

tomatoe (vegetables)

tongs (houseware)

tongue (bodyparts)

tool (tool)

top (nature)

torch (object)

towel (object)

toy (object)

trail (nature)

train (transport)

train station (construction)

trap (object)

trash (houseware)

tray (houseware)

treat (food)

tree (plant)

triangle (other)

tribe (people)

trip (other)

truck (transport)

tube (object)

tulip (plant)

tune (other)

turkey (animal)

turnip (vegetables)

turtle (animal)

tusk (animal)

twelve (number)

twin boys (people)

twin girls (people)

two (number)

umbrella (object)

under (other)

uniform (clothes)

van (transport)

vapor (nature)

vase (houseware)

vegetable (vegetables)

vein (bodyparts)

verdure (plant)

vest (clothes)

vet (job)

viper (animal)

vowel (other)

vulture (animal)

wall (construction)

walnut (vegetables)

wart (bodyparts)

wasp (animal)

watch (object)

water (nature)

wave (nature)

wedding (people)

wedge (tool)

weight (other)

wet (adjective)

whale (animal)

wheat (vegetables)

wheel (object)

whisk (houseware)

white (color)

wide (adjective)

wife (people)

wig (object)

wind (nature)

window (construction)

window glass (construction)

wing (animal)

winter (nature)

wolf (animal)

woman (people)

wood (object)

word (other)

worker (job)

world (nature)

wreath (object)

wrench (tool)

wrist (bodyparts)

yellow (color)

yogurt (food)

yum (emotion)

zebra (animal)

zero (number)

zipper (clothes)

zoo (construction)