Bug fixes and improvements:

  • A new activity in the reading section to learn words. Currently supports German, English, Spanish, French, Gaelic and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Menu, add a message when we have no favorite
  • Menu, better icon for locked activities
  • Falling letters, adaptative falling speed on success / failure
  • Color mixing, fixed broken image on some system. Fixed text position.
  • Fix a crash in restricted profile.
  • Disabled particle effects as it crashes on several Android devices
  • Our VirtualKeyboard has a larger key height
  • On many activities, normalized difficulty levels. Now level 1 does not require reading skills.
  • DialogConfig, allow to set a base font-size
  • DialogConfig, better layout in portrait mode
  • Android: stop all audio playback when application leaves active state
  • Ask for downloading voices at the first start
  • No more show the blocked activities if in demo mode (An option can enable it)
  • Update of Andika and OpenDyslexic fonts

Translations update:

Ukrainian (Yuri Chornoivan), Swedish (Stefan Asserhäll), Portuguese (José Nuno Coelho Pires), Polish (Łukasz Wojniłowicz), French (Ludovic Grossard), Dutch (Freek de Kruijf), Chinese Simplified (Weng Xuetian), Brazilian Portuguese (Luiz Fernando Ranghetti).

New translations:

Norwegian Nynorsk (Karl Ove Hufthammer), Italian (Vincenzo Reale), Catalan (Antoni Bella Pérez), British English.


Bruno Coudoin, Burkhard Lück, Holger Kaelberer, Johnny Jazeix, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Luigi Toscano, Paolo Gibellini.

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