The release 12.05 is mostly a maintenance release, no new activities have been included. Many bug fixes and translation updates.

Beth Hadley:

  • Louis_braille activity: fixed a wrong fact

Bruno Brouard:

  • Updated French translation

Bruno Coudoin:

  • Management of sounds in the bar. removed the bleep and play the level in interrupt mode.
  • Wordsgame: fixed hungarian word dataset, the level 2 was missing. It made reading activities crashing in Hungarian.
  • Braille_alphabets: fixed level with numbers, was generating a python error.
  • Geo_country: added India by Matilda Bernard
  • Wordgame: improved the hungarian list of words by Somlai István
  • Geo_country: added Australia by Matilda Bernard
  • Geography: fixed reference to audio files for sudan and congo.
  • Geography activity: fixed naming of burkina to always be 'burkina faso'
  • Geography-activity: fixed the name of antartica to be properly spelled as antarctica.
  • Instrument activity: fixed wrong instrument bass drum was really a snare drum.
  • Lang activity: reworked the number level using images from wikicommons.
  • Lang activity: inprogress, added many images.
  • Lang activity: now play the sounds in interrupt mode, better user experience.
  • Lang activity: added hightlighs on buttons.
  • Instruments activities: fixed makefiles.
  • Core: fixed the command line option --difficulty which was not working.
  • Core: added the command line option --disable-database
  • Electric: cleanup, removed unused image.
  • Electric: added a red led. replaces the diode.
  • Electric: fixed a simulation issue. there was a missing recalculation when a component blows up.
  • Electric: now each wire is draw with a random color.
  • Administration: performance improvement in board selection / deselection
  • Core: in case no activities are selected display a nice error message.
  • Windows build: upgraded to gtk+-bundle_2.24.10-20120208
  • Core: size optimization of all png images with optipng -o7 (30MB size reduction)
  • Merge branch 'git://' for Sugar
  • Tools: added a tool to display the list of missing voices of a given language.
  • Tools: Improved gimp script foo by Angel Ivan Moreno
  • Animation activity: fixed the implementation of the z order management.
  • Windows: upgraded to gtk+-bundle_2.24.10-20120208 This fixes an issue in which users on Windows XP with a 16 bits display color depth could not start GCompris.

Translations updates

  • Chao-Hsiung Liao: Updated Traditional Chinese translation
  • Christian Kirbach: Updated German translation
  • Claude Paroz, Bruno Brouard: Updated French translation
  • Daniel Mustieles: Updated Spanish translation
  • Fran Diéguez: Updated Galician translations
  • Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Gabor Kelemen: Updated Hungarian translation by Istvan Somlai.
  • Jiro Matsuzawa: Updated Japanese translation
  • Joe Hansen: Updated Danish translation
  • Karl Ove Hufthammer: Updated Norwegian Nynorsk translation.
  • Lavanya gunasekaran: core: no more crash if we fail to write to the database.
  • Marek Černocký: Updated Czech translation
  • Matej Urbančič, Martin Srebotnjak: Updated Slovenian translation
  • Matilda Bernard: Geo_country: added china countries.
  • Mike Karfunkle: Drawnumber activity; now the dots are in random orders each time we play this activity.
  • OKANO Takayoshi: Update Japanese translation
  • Praveen Arimbrathodiyil: Gcompris Malayalam translations updated
  • Translation updates from Sadiq
  • Shreya Menon: Wordprocessor activity: added support for setting hyperlinks
  • Sowmya Ravidas: Money activity: the bonus lost is now displayed in case the children click ok and the answer it wrong.
  • Yannis Kaskamanidis: Updated Greek translation
  • Мирослав Николић: Updated Serbian translation
  • Marco Menardi: Italian voices: voice set has been cleaned (removed noises).
  • Philip Morris: English voices: Julia Wycherley sent us some updated voices.
  • Gabor Kelemen: New Hungarian intro sound files from Istvan Somlai
  • Rūdolfs Mazurs: Added latvian translation
  • Alexander Shopov: Updated Bulgarian translation

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