Bug fixes

  • Windows installer: fixed a potential directory erasing at uninstall or reinstall time. Properly erase all our files at unistallation time
  • Windows: updated the compilation chain for windows to compile against GTK 2.24
  • Desktop entry: Added the Education category
  • Compilation: Added ifdefs to compile with gdkpixbuf > 2.24 by Hans de Goede
  • Guessnumber: fixed a potential crash at exit time. Give focus on the entry box.
  • Braille fun: added audio feedback.
  • Braille alphabet: improved to audio play the letter to find
  • Baille lotto: fixed not to go back to the main menu at the end. Improved it a little bit the layour to accomodate with longer translated text. Added sound effects.
  • Shapegame: Fixed a random crash in shapegame activities that happened while dragging a piece. Minor, now clicking on the left/right image selector does not trig the ok check.
  • findit: Fixed to run on Windows 7
  • clockgame: the first levels now highlight the hour sectors to make them easier to recognize and to teach. (By Angelo Naselli)
  • Instruments activity: added a check for sound availability in the icon menu. Now the background music is muted when entering this activity.
  • Memory: minor fix in memory activity to fix their reference to their mandatory audio file. Without this, a little audio error does appear at run time in the activity icon.

Translations updates

  • Updated Estonian translation by Olle Niit
  • Updated Serbian translation by Мирослав Николић

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