picture of the sleducational group with bruno picture of the sleducational group with bruno

Back from Latinoware in Brazil, it was a great experience for me to go that far and discover how much GCompris is appreciated.

I met the organisation which is focused on free software in education and driven by teachers. They are making a great job in explaining how free software can be used in day to day training. They know pretty well GCompris since Frederico, the team leader, is also the translator of GCompris in Brazilian Portuguese.

To me, it is an excellent news to see an organisation taking our work further and providing a local support to teachers in Brazil looking for educational tools.

Also, I got a lot of feedback and this is mandatory to make sure we continue to be focused on the needs of our users.

And of course it gave me a lot of new ideas for GCompris, just need to find some time to code, hopefully when the release 9.4 will be released.

PS: The mug offered by sleducacional to Bruno.

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