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Get the voices

From the source code

First, grab the development tree and the voices in a separate top level directory, then make a link from boards/voices to this location. You can do it by following this process:

git clone git://git.gnome.org/gcompris
git clone -l gcompris voices
cd voices
git checkout -b voices origin/voices
cd ../gcompris/boards
ln -s ../../voices .

When compiling GCompris, you must create a link from boards/voices to the place where you extracted the voices.


Alternatively, you can browse the voices online from the gnome git online repository.

Create your voices directory

First copy the English voices as a template in a new directory with you locale name (e.g. my):

cd boards/voices
cp -r en my

Provide here voice translation in boards/voices/my for each English voice.

Recording / Encoding

It is best to choose somebody that speaks and articulate well your language.

  • You can make the recording with audacity. It is mandatory to use mono wav 16bit/44100Hz to get the best quality/size ratio and because this works for any sound card.
  • Save as WAV file
  • Apply loudness transform with sox if necessary. You may use a script like this if the sound is too low:
mkdir modif
for i in *.wav; do
  sox $i -r 44100 -b 16 modif/$i norm
  • In the directory where WAV files are run do:
oggenc -q0 --downmix -a "(name of author) -d "date of recording (YYYY/MM/DD)" -c "copyright=GPL V3+" *.wav

The ogginfo command should display the comment.

  • Copy OGG files in the corresponding directory


The English alphabet directory contains files named U0030.ogg. These are the voices for each single letter in your locale with a UTF-8 Unicode notation. For example U+0030 is the character 0. You can get the table for each subset.


Once done, the easiest way is to tar all this files and send them to the GCompris maintainer.

cd boards/voices
tar -cvzf voices_my.tgz my


Nothing has to be done, just run 'make install' at GCompris to level. The voices will be installed in the proper directory and GCompris will play them. Run GCompris in your locale and you should hear your voices.


At top level, run:

./tools/check_missing_voices.pl <locale>

With for example locale being fr for French.

Introduction Voice Set

This is a new voice set that has been added to GCompris. If present, it will give a brief explanation of the activity when the child enters it. Here is the english version that needs to be recorded in your language.

  • /computer/keyboard/gletters: gletters.ogg
 Type the letters on your keyboard before they reach the ground.
  • /computer/keyboard/smallnumbers: smallnumbers.ogg
 Count the number on your dice and type it on your keyboard before it reaches the ground
  • /computer/keyboard/ballcatch: ballcatch.ogg
 Press on the two shift keys at the same time to send the ball straight on
  • /computer/keyboard/wordsgame: wordsgame.ogg
 Type the words on your keyboard before they reach the ground
  • /computer/mouse/clickgame: clickgame.ogg
 Click on the fish with the left button of your mouse before they leave the aquarium
  • /computer/mouse/erase: erase.ogg
 Clear the window with your sponge and discover the hidden picture
  • /computer/mouse/erase_2clic
 Double click on the bricks to discover the hidden picture.
  • /computer/mouse/erase_clic: erase_clic.ogg
 Click on the transparent bricks and discover the hidden picture
  • /computer/mouse/followline: followline.ogg
 Move the mouse along the pipe to water the flowers
  • /computer/mouse/clickanddraw: clickanddraw.ogg
 Click on the blue points and draw
  • /computer/mouse/penalty
 Double click on the ball to shoot it.
  • /discovery/colors_group/colors: colors.ogg
 Click on the right colour
  • /discovery/colors_group/mosaic: mosaic.ogg
 Click on the correct colours to build the same mosaic
  • /discovery/colors_group/advanced_colors: advanced_colors.ogg
 Click on the required colour
  • /discovery/mazeMenu/maze: maze.ogg
 Use the arrows on your keyboard to find your way out
  • /discovery/mazeMenu/maze3D: maze3D.ogg
 Help Tux find his way out by using the arrows keys. Use the space key to see the map.
  • /discovery/mazeMenu/maze2DRelative: maze2DRelative.ogg
 Help Tux find his way out. Use the Up arrow to advance, the other arrows to turn.
  • /discovery/mazeMenu/mazeInvisible: mazeInvisible.ogg
 Use the arrows to guide Tux out, the space key to see the map.
  • /discovery/memory_group/memory: memory.ogg
 Click on a card and find out its double
  • /discovery/memory_group/memory_sound: memory_sound.ogg
 Click on an audio card and find out its double
  • /discovery/memory_group/railroad: railroad.ogg
 Observe the train and click on the items to set up a similar train
  • /discovery/memory_group/memory_sound_tux: memory_sound_tux.ogg
 Click on an audio card and find out its double, 
  • /discovery/memory_group/memory_tux: memory_tux.ogg
 Click on an audio card and find out its double, 
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/babymatch: babymatch.ogg
 Use the mouse to drag and drop the objects matching the pictures
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/babyshapes: babyshapes.ogg
 Use the mouse to drag and drop the objects matching the shapes
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/chronos: chronos.ogg
 Use the mouse to catch and drag the pictures to put them in order
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/leftright: leftright.ogg
 Guess if the picture presents a left or right hand and click on the correct answer
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/clockgame: clockgame.ogg
 Use the mouse to drag and drop the needles of the clock and display the required time
  • /discovery/miscellaneous/details
 Click on an image from the left hand side and drag it onto the main picture.
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/doubleentry: doubleentry.ogg
 Use the mouse to drag and drop the number of objects to fill the board correctly
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/geography: geography.ogg
 Use the mouse to drag and drop the objects and reconstitute the map
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/geo_country: geo_country.ogg
 Use the mouse to drag and drop the items to set up the map of French counties
  • /discovery/miscelaneous/algorithm: algorithm.ogg
 Click on the missing items on the table and follow the logical chain displayed above
  • /discovery/sound_group/melody: melody.ogg
 Click on the objects and reproduce the melody. 
  • /experience/paratrooper: paratrooper.ogg
 click on the plane to make Tux jump and land on the boat. Click on Tux to open the parachute. The cloud indicates the speed of the wind.
  • /experience/canal_lock: canal_lock.ogg
 You are responsible for the lock, you must help Tux pass the lock. Click on the small valves to cause a drop or increase in the level of water.
  • /experience/watercycle: watercycle.ogg
 Click on various active elements to make the distribution of water work. Then press the shower button for Tux. 
  • /experience/submarine: submarine.ogg
  • /experience/hydroelectric
 Click on the different stages that go to make up the power supply.
  • /experience/electric: electric.ogg
 Put electric components in the workspace. Create connections by clicking on a point and dragging the line  to a second point.
  • /experience/searace1player: searace1player.ogg
  • /experience/searace: searace.ogg
  • /fun/billard: billard.ogg
 Point the mouse and click on the ball, to set the speed and direction of the ball. The closer you click to the centre, the slower the ball moves.
is, the slower the ball will be.
  • /fun/wordprocessor: wordprocessor.ogg
 Compose your own documents by typing the text on the keyboard and use the stylistic tools  proposed on the left.
  • /fun/hexagon: hexagon.ogg
 Click on the hexagons to find the hidden object, the red zone indicates that you're close to it !
  • /fun/anim: anim.ogg
  • /fun/chat: chat.ogg
 Thanks to the local network, type your message with your keyboard and press the entry button, it will appear on the screens of other Gcompris' users.
  • /math/algebramenu/algebra_group/algebra_plus: algebra_plus.ogg
  • /math/algebramenu/algebra_group/algebra_minus: algebra_minus.ogg
  • /math/algebramenu/algebra_group/algebra_by: algebra_by.ogg
  • /math/algebramenu/gnumchmenu/gnumch-equality: gnumch-equality.ogg
 Guide the number eater with the arrows keys to the required numbers and press space to swallow them.
  • /math/algebramenu/gnumchmenu/gnumch-inequality: gnumch-inequality.ogg
 Guide the number eater with the arrows keys to the numbers different from the displayed ones and press space to swallow them.
  • /math/algebramenu/gnumchmenu/gnumch-multiples: gnumch-multiples.ogg
 Guide the number eater with the arrows keys to the multiples of the displayed number and press space to swallow them.
  • /math/algebramenu/gnumchmenu/gnumch-factors: gnumch-factors.ogg
 Guide the number eater with the arrows keys to the factors of the displayed number and press space to swallow them.
  • /math/algebramenu/gnumchmenu/gnumch-primes: gnumch-primes.ogg
 Guide the number eater with the arrows keys to the prime numbers and press space to swallow them.
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux: memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux.ogg
 Fight Tux and find the cards that go together, one containing an operation and the other its solution.
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_add_minus_tux: memory_add_minus_tux.ogg
 LINK TO memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_add_tux: memory_add_tux.ogg
 LINK TO memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_div_tux: memory_div_tux.ogg
 LINK TO memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux
  • 21-3-5 /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_minus_tux: memory_minus_tux.ogg
 LINK TO memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_mult_div_tux: memory_mult_div_tux.ogg
 LINK TO memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_mult_tux: memory_mult_tux.ogg
 LINK TO memory_add_minus_mult_div_tux
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_mult: memory_mult.ogg
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_add_minus: memory_add_minus.ogg
 LINK TO memory_mult
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_add_minus_mult_div: memory_add_minus_mult_div.ogg
 LINK TO memory_mult
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_minus: memory_minus.ogg
 LINK TO memory_mult
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_mult: memory_mult.ogg
 LINK TO memory_mult
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_mult_div: memory_mult_div.ogg
 LINK TO memory_mult
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_add
 Turn over two cards to match the calculation with its answer.
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group/memory_div
 Turn over two cards to match the answer with its calculation.
  • /math/algebramenu/memory_op_group_tux/memory_minus_tux
 Turn over two cards to match the answer with its calculation.
  • /math/algebramenu/scalesboard: scalesboard.ogg
 Drag the weights up to balance the scales.
  • /math/algebramenu/scalesboard_weight
 Drag the weights up to balance the scales.
  • /math/algebramenu/target: target.ogg
 Click on the target to launch darts, take notice of the speed of the wind!
  • /math/algebramenu/algebra_guesscount: algebra_guesscount.ogg
 Use the number and operations suggested to find the results proposed above.
  • /math/geometry/draw
 Use the toolbar to create your own pictures.
  • /math/geometry/redraw: redraw.ogg
 Use the drawing tools to reproduce the right-hand side symmetrical figure.
  • /math/geometry/redraw_symmetrical: redraw_symmetrical.ogg
 Use the drawing tools to reproduce the right-hand side symmetrical figure
  • /math/numeration/enumerate: enumerate.ogg
 Count the elements by organizing them then type the answer on your keyboard.
  • /math/numeration/memory_enumerate
 Match a number card with a card displaying the same number of butterflies.
  • /math/numeration/smallnumbers2: smallnumbers2.ogg
 Count the number of the points on the dices then type the result on your keyboard.
  • /math/numeration/magic_hat_minus: magic_hat_minus.ogg
 Withdraw the number of stars released by the hat to the full number of stars above then click on the stars to indicate its remaining number.
  • /math/numeration/magic_hat_plus: magic_hat_plus.ogg
 Count the number of stars hidden under the hat and then click on the stars to indicate their number
  • /math/numeration/money_group/money: money.ogg
 Click on the money to pay.
  • /math/numeration/money_group/money_cents: money_cents.ogg
 LINK TO money
  • /math/numeration/planegame: planegame.ogg
 Move the helicopter with the arrows keys and catch the number in the clouds following the ascending order.
  • /math/numeration/reversecount: reversecount.ogg
 Click on the dice and thumb to indicate the number of ice blocks Tux will have to follow to eat a fish.
  • /math/numeration/guessnumber: guessnumber.ogg
 Find out the number by typing a number included in the range of numbers proposed and click on the thumb to validate your answer.
  • /math/numeration/drawnumber: drawnumber.ogg
 Draw the picture by clicking on each numbers in the right order.
  • /puzzle/tangram: tangram.ogg
 Click on each object to obtain the same figure. You can change their orientation by clicking on the arrows.
  • /puzzle/paintings: paintings.ogg

Catch and drop each piece on the points.

  • /puzzle/traffic: traffic.ogg
 Slide the cars to make place so that the red car can go out of the box.
  • /puzzle/crane: crane.ogg
 Click on each item in the bottom left frame and move them thanks to the arrows to copy their position in the top right frame
  • /puzzle/superbrain: superbrain.ogg
 Find out the right combination of colors. A black frame means you found the correct color, a white, means it's in the wrong position.
  • /puzzle/hanoi: hanoi.ogg
 Rebuild the same tower in the empty area as the one you see on the right hand side.
  • /puzzle/hanoi_real: hanoi_real.ogg
 Rebuild the model tower on the right support. Take care, no disc may be placed atop a smaller disc.
  • /puzzle/sudoku: sudoku.ogg
 For the first levels, select a symbol and click its target area, for the following levels, type a number in each area. Each symbol must appear only once in a row, in a column and in a subregion if any.
  • /puzzle/fifteen: fifteen.ogg
 Click on an element being next to a free space, the element will move and release its space. You must put all the elements in the ascending order.
  • /strategy/chess/chess_partyend: chess_partyend.ogg
 Click on a pawn then green boxes will appear to indicate all the movements your pawn can choose to face the black king
  • /strategy/bargame: bargame.ogg
 click in the box number on your bottom-right hand, then validate the selected number by clicking on the thumb. The winner is the one who hasn't put a ball in the red hole.
  • /strategy/connect4: connect4.ogg
 Click on the column where you wish your token falls and form a line of 4 tokens to win
  • /strategy/awele: awele.ogg
 Click on a box number to collect the seeds you'll have to deal from a box to the following boxes. Read the help box to get the game instructions.
  • /reading/click_on_letter: click_on_letter.ogg
 Click on the required letter. You can listen to it again by clicking on the mouth.
  • /reading/hangman: hangman.ogg
 A word is hidden, you must discover it letter by letter.
  • /reading/readingv: readingv.ogg
 Click on the button Yes if you saw the displayed word and No if you didn't.
  • /reading/imageid: imageid.ogg
 Click on the word matching the picture
  • /reading/readingh: readingh.ogg
 LINK TO readingh
  • /reading/missing_letter: missing_letter.ogg
 Find out the missing letter and complete the word by clicking on one of the letters proposed on the side.
  • /reading/imagename: imagename.ogg
 Drag and drop each item above its name.