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Please write here what you would like to see for release 8.5.

Release 8.5 is developed in the gcomprixo branch. It's dedicated to make GCompris works fine on the OLPC XO.

New development

  • [DONE] Bruno: Split GCompris source so that each activity source code and resources is in it's own directory.

Major improvements

  • [DONE] Bruno: Remove the screen resize at GCompris startup. Use the gnomecanvas scaling feature instead.
  • svg live rescalling. Currently, even if we load an SVG image, GTK transform it in a pixmap. Later on, the gnomecanvas will not use the SVG in case of a resize.
  • Mouse less GCompris: Except for mouse training activities, it should be possible to play GCompris without a mouse.
  • joystick support
  • wiimote support: first use it in our activities and then create specific activities for it.
  • [DONE] Bruno: add dbus support for OLPC Sugar
  • Add support for communication libraries like telepathy and leverage them in GCompris. For example, our chat activity should work with any contact the children have in her instant messenger application.

Minor improvements