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Please write here what you would like to see for release 8.5.

Release 8.5 is developed in the gcomprixo branch. It's dedicated to make GCompris works fine on the OLPC XO.

New development

  • [DONE] Bruno: Split GCompris source so that each activity source code and resources is in it's own directory.

Major improvements

  • [DONE] Bruno: Remove the screen resize at GCompris startup. Use the gnomecanvas scaling feature instead.
  • [DONE] Bruno: Full SVG skin. Instead of having about 40 images to create for a skin, it would be easier to have a single svg image with IDs to select each icons within.
  • svg live rescalling. Currently, even if we load an SVG image, GTK transform it in a pixmap. Later on, the gnomecanvas will not use the SVG in case of a resize.
  • Mouse less GCompris: Except for mouse training activities, it should be possible to play GCompris without a mouse.
  • joystick support
  • wiimote support: first use it in our activities and then create specific activities for it.
  • [DONE] Bruno: add dbus support for OLPC Sugar
  • Add support for communication libraries like telepathy and leverage them in GCompris. For example, our chat activity should work with any contact the children have in her instant messenger application.
  • administration: add administrator defined directories containing custom musics and pictures that will replace the main music and images used in puzzles for example.
  • define a minimal level for each activity in the preference panel (that is, give a default value for the level die).
  • keyboard less GCompris: some activities mix mouse and keyboard (and require both), it should be possible to play GCompris without the keyboard (except for reading practice ones).
  • create an activity to learn how to enter numbers: typing numbers, erasing, Enter key. Some activities require that knowledge, and just like the mouse, children need to learn entering words and numbers. Moreover, some non-english keyboards require the user to hold down the SHIFT key to enter a number: affected activities may bypass that requirement.

Minor improvements

  • [DONE] For the two connect-to-dots activities, the starting point and direction of connections could be randomized. This would make the activity more interesting to repeat. (See and
  • [DONE] Standardize activities behaviour: some of them automatically switch to the next puzzle when one is solved, some of them require a useless click on the hand to validate. Please always use the former.
  • [DONE] /reading/readingv: buttons are invisible (white on light grey) with gartoon theme. Change colours.
  • [DONE] /math/numeration/reversecount: the level die and the board die are confusing, especially since the user needs to click on the hand which is next to the wrong die. Put a validating hand on the ice cube next to the right die.


  • [DONE] Enrichir l'activité géographie politique d'un niveau : Brésil. (proposition du xcf pour ce nouveau niveau :
  • Nouvelles activité de type "Shape" : En plaçant les planètes de notre galaxie. Les 7 merveilles de notre monde sur une carte du monde. Des enfants habillés avec des vètements traditionnels à placer sur une carte du monde. Et aussi des spécialités culinaires de nos régions ?
  • Nouvelle activité de type "Shape" : Une autre peut être plus simple, habiller un enfant ?
  • Nouvelle activité sonore : Mettre en ordre les notes musicales.
  • Nouvelle activité de classement: Ranger par couleur, ranger par taille, ranger par ce que dira la voix (cela pourrai alterner entre les deux).
  • Découverte du clavier: Niveau simple : appuyer sur n'importe quelle lettre ferai avancer un train par exemple.
  • Découverte du la souris: Niveau simple : bouger la souris suffit pour faire avancer un escargot par exemple.
  • Nouvelles activités Musique: sur le mode "reconnaissance de deux sons identiques": reconnaître deux mesures d'une oeuvre, de même: reconnaître des intervalles, répéter un rythme (qu'il serait reproduit par exemple en appuyant sur la barre espace).
  • Puzzles : créer plusieurs activités, ou bien organiser différemment et renommer "peinture impressioniste", avec des séries de puzzles de difficulté croissante selon les périodes (moyen-âge, baroque, etc.). Intégrer une série de sculptures.

To do for Final version

There has been several preview release of the 8.5 so far. Now it's time to complete this release. Here is the list of pending issues before we can declare a final 8.5:

  • Feature:
* Animation load/save
* Animation image resizing
  • Performance:
* Performance issue, it is very slow to select items in the menu on the aspire one. On other PC I tested it was rather fast.
* Rescaling should use the cache in goocanvassvg.c