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Please write here what you would like to see for release 8.4.

New development

  • [DONE] A reporting system. We currently have a text log of what the children did but there are not graphical report a teacher could use. The implementation is rather basic but it's there. We could go further presenting a graphical view instead of a log.
  • In the reporting, if the user is not identified in GCompris, we should save the system login name and hostname to replace it. In case the base is shared between different GCompris instances, we need a way to differentiate, today everybody is 'Default'.
  • Multicast the children result on the local network. This way, without setting any server, any GCompris in the administration mode on the local network with receive display and store all the results in it's base.
  • A way to let teachers edit their words list.
  • A new menu for the geography activity. We should propose a kind of zooming map with links to country for which we have puzzles.
  • [LATER] Add support for Tuxdroid from Kysoh. After analysis, it's not easy to integrate GCompris and the Tuxdroid. On our side, we requested Kysoh to have the Tuxdroid be seen as a regular USB gamepad, in the same spirit it is seen as a regular audio card on the USB. If we had this, we could implement gamepad support and have some specific tweaks for the Tuxdroid instead of have to maintain a complete specific code for the Tuxdroid in GCompris.

Major improvements

  • [Bruno] Add a 7 segments display in electricity. Could be used to introduce binary to children.
  • [] Animation in awele so that children see and understand what's going on
  • [Bruno] Add sound effect in all activities. Adding sound effects makes our activities more fun to use (started in 8.3, some are missing).

Minor improvements

  • [Franck] Add a new 'adult skin' for people using GCompris with adults.
  • [DONE IN GCOMPRIXO BRANCH] Move the bonus in the skin directory.