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Please write here what you would like to see for release 8.3.

New development

  • A reporting system. We currently have a text log of what the children did but there are not graphical report a teacher could use.
  • A way to let teachers edit their words list.

Major improvements

  • In some activities sounds should block (e.g memory sound). It slows down the user too much to wait for a sound to complete when she no more want to hear it.
  • [Bruno] Complete the word processor. It lacks a user documentation and the load/save. It would be great to save in HTML but using a close format should not hurt too much.
  • [Bruno] Add a 7 segments display in electricity. Could be used to introduce binary to children.

Minor improvements

  • [Franck] Add a new 'adult skin' for people using GCompris with adults in hospitals.
  • [Bruno] Move the bonus in the skin directory.