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Open or New

Implemented or Resolved

Human readable log

At the moment, the log of activity looks like that :

mer 31 aoû 10:57:38 CEST 2005;host;user;gcompris;colors;1;0;PASSED;2;;

Teachers and parents could access the log file more easily if it was presented in a table (with proper columns titles) or another more convenient way.

There could be a button to click on as well, to open the visualization of the log file.

* Answer: The version 8.3 includes a new section in the administration mode that presents the results in a tabular way with minimal filtering.


Could you add an option to activate a countdown on some activities to make those that children already master more fun ?

* Answer: We already have this feature in place for the math table revision activity. In the GCompris configuration dialog, you can select if the timer must be disable, slow or fast. We could pretty easily implement the timer in more activities. However, It is not a priority for us. If you want to implement this, join the mailing list, we can provide detailed instructions and support for you.

Built-in user select

For those who have a limited number of accounts on their computer, could you add a built-in account selector with minimal user admin (new user, open user) Del user could be done by just removing a file in console mode, which is safe enough in many cases.

* Answer: GCompris 7.0 includes an administrative mode that let you create users. To activate it, simply create users and classes and then add them to the Default profile.

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