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We already have completed a language learning with is limited to vocabulary training. Below is some more ongoing work to extend it with sentences.

The concept is like a flash card in which some pictures are displayed with an associated audio voice and written text. Internally we call it a triplet.

A set of triplet is organised in a lesson which are grouped in chapters. In each lesson we will propose about 10 triplets.

Once we have created the data set, the activity will let the children select a chapter. Then each triplet is displayed. Once all the triplet have been seen, different games will be proposed to let the children remember the triplets. For example, we may display several words in the source or target language and play an audio voice. The children must then click on the right word.

The image set is accessible here:

Chapter 1


- Welcome - Hello - Good morning - Good afternoon - Good evening - Goodnight - What's your name? - My name is Clara - Who are you? - My name is Clement - I am a boy - I am a girl - Grandma and Clara are girls - Dad and Clement are boys - How do you do - How are you? - I am sick - Clement is Fine

Nice to meet you

- How old are you - I am 17 years old - This is my sister Clara - Clara is 13 years old - Where do you live? - I live in France - Sabrina lives near the sea - Her uncle lives in Paris

Days and Seasons

- On Monday, I go to school. - On Tuesday, I study History. - On Wednesday, I play football. - On Thursday, I read and write. - On Friday, I learn Sciences. - On Saturday, I go swimming. - On Sunday, I relax! - In Summer it is hot - In Autumn it rains - In Winter it snows - I like flowers in Spring - On Wednesday Clara practices scuba diving - On Saturday Clement goes kayaking. - On Sunday Clement, Clara and Sabrina have a sunbath. - What's the day today?

In the classroom

- a school bag - a pencil case - a pen - a pencil - a pencil sharpener - a ruler - a stapler - scissors - two erasers - a stick of glue - the blackboard - a book - a notebook - the playground - the teacher - the pupils - Sit down - Stand up - Be quiet - Come here - Don't run - Repeat - Shut the door - Open the window - Open your eyes - Take a red pencil - Let's play a game - Sing a song - Come on, join in - Time to go - Slowly please

Months of the year

- In January, I go skiing. - In February, I eat pancakes. - In March, it rains a lot! - In April, it's Spring! - In May, it is sunny! - In June, I am happy! - In July, I go to the beach. - In August, I am on vacation! - In September, I go back to school. - In October, It is Autumn. - In November, it is my birthday! - In December, Merry Christmas! - When is your birthday? - My birthday is in December. - When were you born? - I was born in December. - When was Clara born? - Clara was born on November 1st. - Happy birthday!

Numbers and fruit

- One mango - Two pears - Three apples - Four bananas - Five lemons - Six oranges - Seven strawberries - Eight guavas - Nine apricots - Ten litchis


- Clara likes dancing. - Clara also loves skiing. - Dad prefers climbing. - Clement enjoys drawing. - Clara, Clement and Sabrina like playing. - I play the piano. - Clara plays the guitar. - Clara and Clement don't TBD. - A man is fishing. - A girl is riding a small horse. - Mary and Sarah play basketball. - I like reading - I don't like skiing. - After skiing, Clement is drinking. - Clara is on the beach. - It is cold at the camp site. - Clara plays the clown. - Simon rides his bicycle.

My family

- My father is working on the computer. - Dad - Daddy does the ironing - My mother likes cooking. - Grandpa cooks like a chief. - Mum is by the sea. - Mummy - My sister plays the guitar. - My sister likes dancing. - How many brothers and sisters have you got? - I have got one brother and two sisters. - My grandmother likes sewing. - Grandma also likes gardening. - Granny - My grandfather likes reading the newspaper. - Grandpa - My aunt likes basketball. - My uncle likes singing. - My cousins like playing the videogames with me! - My cat is on the chair.

My daily routine

- I wake up at seven o'clock. - I wash my face. - I get dressed. - I have breakfast at half past seven. - I wash my teeth. - In the morning, I go to school. - I have lunch at school. - In the afternoon, I draw and paint. - At five o'clock, I come back home. - I do my homework at six o'clock. - In the evening, I have dinner. - In the evening, I sleep in my bed. - On sunday, I call mummy.