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Translations are managed by the KDE translation teams. If you wish to participate in the translation of GCompris you must contact the KDE translation team you want to participate in. The contact information can be found in the corresponding KDE translation team.

If the team hasn't answered you after one week or does not exist for your language, directly ping the main translation mailing list or the GCompris development team.

Current status of the translation

The first two links allow you to visualize what remains to be translated in your language. The first link corresponds to the stable version, the one that is currently distributed, the second to the development version, the second one may evolve from day to day.

Note: for the website, the po files contain only the 2 latest news. If you want to translate older news, you will need to manually fill the corresponding YYYYMMDD-locale.html page and send it to us so we can integrate it.

Po files to translate

Kde translation system uses po files. A PO file is a portable object file. It is text based and can be directly read by translators. GCompris uses several different files addressing different purposes:

  • gcompris-qt.po is the main one, corresponding to the strings displayed in the application.
  • gcompris_lang.po is the set of words used in several activities for vocabulary such as lang, hangman... The corresponding images can be found in this page.
  • gcompris._desktop_.po are translations used to integrate into application menus of desktop environments.
  • org.kde.gcompris.appdata.po is translations that will be used by other applications/websites to display information about GCompris:
  • gcompris_voices.po is a helper for people providing voices to write down the spoken text and have update if intro text changes.
  • gcompris-net.po is the translation of the website. It is useless to translate the website if the software itself is not translated.

Dataset to translate

There are 3 other files to be translated that cannot be provided as po files. For these files, send them directly to the GCompris maintainers:


For the advanced colors activity, here is a table showing the different colors Advanced color translation.

Voice recording

To know the status of recording, you can check the Voice recording status for each locale.

To help recording, follow this guide.


To translate, you can either use Lokalize or PoEdit. The first one is better integrated with the KDE environment.

warning: Do not confuse Lokalise which has nothing to do with KDE.