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Manually update translation on Ubuntu 7.10

As the GCompris translations for Ubuntu 7.10 are broken. I propose you a workaround in which we will overwrite the current translation file by the one provided by GCompris.

To do this, get the GCompris .mo translation file from here:
Follow the link up to the file in the proper locale directory. For example, for French, follow fr/LC_MESSAGES/

Then copy it in :

/usr/share/locale-langpack/"YOUR LOCALE"/LC_MESSAGES/

To determine you locale, you can start a console and run the "locale" command alone. You can check the output line like for French it displays LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8. The short locale is 'fr'. You can then check what locales are installed for GCompris with this command:

find /usr/share/locale-langpack/ -name

It will display one or more lines like this:


depending on how many locales you have installed.

As you need the super user right, and I don't know how to to this from the user interface, you can enter these commands in a console WHILE REPLACING /fr/ by /"your locale"/ :

cd /tmp
sudo cp /usr/share/locale-langpack/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
<Enter your user password>

Then start GCompris, it should be properly translated.