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  • 2006/10 (IT Italy) GCompris is presented on the Indire web site. Indire is the official institute for innovation and educational research in Italy.
  • 2006/10 (PT_BR Brazil) The site DICAS-L has an article presenting free educational applications, including GCompris.
  • 2006/10 (FR France) The SCÉRÉN (CNDP, CRDP, CDDP) is an official organisation that support documentation centers within schools in France. They host an article about GCompris.
  • 2006/10 (CL Chili) Educalibre project provide LTSP GNU/Linux based solution for schools in Chili.
  • 2006/10 (CA Quebec French) MILLE, Modèle d’Infrastructure de Logiciel Libre en Éducation, a pour but de réduire les coûts d’acquisition et de maintenance des infrastructures matérielles et logicielles. GCompris est proposé.
  • 2006/10 (EN US) The six branches of the Howard County Library system in Maryland provide 300 computers to their clients. This week, every computer has been upgraded from a "homegrown" Linux kernel, to Groovix, an Ubuntu Linux derivative. Guess what educational software they propose.
  • 2006/09 (EN/India) The southern Indian state of Kerela is in the process of migrating all computers in its 12,500 high schools from Windows to Linux. Of course, they use GCompris.
  • 2006/09 (FR) An official public internet access point in Checy (France, Loiret) that includes GCompris in it's training tool.
  • 2006/09 (ES) GCompris is referenced on the official web site of the Education and Cultural concil of the Spain Region of Murcia. They mention us in the list of available Educational software.
  • 2006/09 (FR Belgium) GCompris and Tuxpaint are used in a set of Belgian schools
  • 2006/09 (Turkish) Description of some activity on this Turkish portal.
  • 2006 (FR Québec) A mini evaluation of GCompris on the site of the CRDI (Direction des ressources didactiques) of the Québec Government.
  • 2006 (FR) GCompris mentioned as used in the school of Sainte Genevieve (Argenteuil France). They mention that they prefer free software because they can let children use them at home.
  • 2006 (FR) GCompris is well referenced in the web site of the French CNDP (an organisation that provides documentation to schools).
  • 2006 (EN) Ordissimo, a French computer maker who claim to have built the simplest computer on earth includes Tuxpaint and GCompris. The computer runs GNU/Linux and has a very simplified user interface. They target seniors not willing to learn how to fight windows viruses.
  • 2006/09 (PT_BR Brazil) Gcompris is an excellent program, not only for educators but also for the parents who want to use its potential with their children, stimulating them in the efficient use of the computer in house. See the full post on the Jenny Horta blog.
  • 2006/09 The article intro is "Demonstrating that learning is best when it is fun, the GCompris educational suite offers a wide variety of pleasurable activities for children everywhere.". A very complete article in Tux Magazine Issue #17.
  • 2006 (ES Colombia) Within a slide presentation of different software used by the Gimnasio Fidel Cano, there is an introduction to GCompris.
  • 2006 (Flemish) On a web site supported by the Flemish Department of Education, there is an instruction on how to use GCompris in a classroom.
  • 2006/08 (EN Mali) Geekcorps did set up a Skolelinux system and they conclude: After some initial skepticism people realized the solution worked and that the system could perform like a modern computer. The most appreciated software installed included a local Wikipedia mirror, and the computer learning game “gcompris.”.
  • 2006/08 (EN South African) In tectonic online magazine: Easing kids into free software. I really want to discuss my daughter's favourite, GCompris. I came across this comprehensive educational package on a magazine coverdisk, and tried it out. What a bundle of fun learning games in one package! GCompris caters for children from ages three and up (to about 14 I would say)...
  • 2006/06 (CS Czech) A very complete overview.
  • 2006/03 (BR Brazil) A computer training using GCompris
  • 2006/01 (EN) A presentation given by the Morris Brandon teachers. They explain how Free Software and GCompris is used in their school.
  • 2006/01 (FR): The Micro Hebdo review in the paper mag and online (in french. Resume:they have mixed feelings, saying that activities are good, but hard to choose and instructions are only written)
  • 2006/01 (FR): A very detailed presentation on the web site of the l'Académie Aix-Marseille (Official Educational Institution), by the 'réseau rural d'éducation Embrunais Savinois'.
  • 2005/05 (FR): An interview of Clément and Clara by Anne. Clément and Clara are the son and dauther of Bruno.
  • 2005: A GCompris booth during a LUG event in Germany


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