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GCompris - гэта высакаякасны комплекс навучальнага праграмнага забеспячэння, які змяшчае багатую колькасць практыкаванняў для дзяцей ва ўзросце ад 2 да 10.

Некаторыя практыкаванні маюць характар гульні, але ж выконваюць адукацыйную ролю.

Here is the list of activity categories with some examples:

  • вывучэнне кампутара: клавіятуры, мышкі, розныя дзеянні мышкі, ...
  • чытанне: практыка чытання
  • арыфметыка: лік, табліцы і тэхнікі навучання, ...
  • навука: канальны шлюз, цыкл вады, падводная лодка, сімуляцыя электрычнай схемы ...
  • geography: countries, regions, culture ...
  • гульні: шахматы, на памяць, злучыць 4, оварэ, судоку ...
  • other: colors, shapes, Braille, learn to tell time ...

Цяпер GCompris прапануе як найменш 100 практыкаванняў і яшчэ распрацоўваюцца новыя. GCompris - гэта вольнае праграмнае забеспячэнне, і гэта значыць, што Вы можаце адаптаваць яго пад свае мэты, паляпшаць і, што найважней - дзяліцца ім з дзеткамі паўсюль.

The GCompris project is hosted and developed by the KDE community.

Апошнія навіны

Release GCompris 0.96
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We are pleased to announce the release of GCompris version 0.96.

This new version includes updated translation for several languages, and a few bug fixes.

Translations that received a big update:

  • Brazilian Portuguese (100%)
  • Breton (100%)
  • Finnish (90%)
  • Indonesian (100%)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (97%)
  • Polish (100%)

  • This means we have now 19 languages fully supported: British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Breton, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malayalam, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Ukrainian.

    We still have 15 partially supported languages: Basque (78%), Belarusian (68%), Chinese Simplified (69%), Estonian (62%), Finnish (90%), German (84%), Hindi (76%), Irish Gaelic (82%), Norwegian Nynorsk (97%), Russian (77%), Scottish Gaelic (70%), Slovak (62%), Slovenian (56%), Spanish (93%), Turkish (73%).

    We decided again for this release to keep the translations that dropped below 80%. It would be sad to have to disable 10 languages from the application, but if no one updates the following translations, they will be disabled in next release: Basque, Belarusian, Chinese Simplified, Estonian, Hindi, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Slovenian and Turkish.

    For the windows version, we added a new entry in the start menu called GCompris (Safe Mode) to launch it with software rendering mode. This was needed as the auto-detection of OpenGL support was not reliable. Now, users can easily choose between OpenGL and software rendering without changing the configuration file.

    Known issues:

  • The progress bar for downloads doesn't work anymore. This is a side effect from our switch to https for hosting the files. We are looking to improve this for next release.

  • As a side note dedicated to GNU/Linux distribution packagers, this new version now requires OpenSSL to be able to download voices and additional images.

    As usual you can download this new version from our download page. It will also be available soon on the Android and Windows store.

    Thank you all,
    Timothée & Johnny

    GCompris is back on Mac OSX
    gcompris banner

    Good news for Mac users: we finally have a new version of GCompris for OSX !

    The last version of GCompris for OSX was 0.52 from 3 years ago. Since then, no one in the team could update it because of the lack of hardware. Thanks to Boudewijn from the Krita Foundation, we have now a little mac mini, old but good enough to build our packages. It took me several days of dedicated work to learn this new platform and update the build system to produce a distributable package.

    This package was built and tested on OSX 10.13. If you can try it on a different OSX version, please let us know if it works.

    The .dmg installer is available on the download page.

    This time we decided to stop distributing it from the app-store. About the iOS version, it will take some more time before I can look at it, and we still don't have any device to test.

    Notes: this package is based on GCompris version 0.95. It is built with the latest version of Qt (5.12.0) which introduced some regressions. We fixed all of those issues, but some of those fixes are only in the development version for now. A few activities are broken (checkers, braille, braille_alphabet, algorithm), but we will make a new release next month that will also address those little issues.

    Thank you all,
    Timothée - GCompris team

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