Buying the full version

On proprietary operating systems (Windows/Mac/Android...), the full version of GCompris has a cost.
We provide a free demo with a limited number of activities, 94 on the 147 available.
Follow the instructions below to buy the full version.

  • Windows
  • For Windows, you can get the demo from the download page, and buy here the activation code to unlock the full version. The cost is 9€.


    For personal use, it is possible to use this code on several computers.
    For schools and other institutions, please contact us to get a quote.

    After the payment you will immediately receive an email with instructions (check your spam folder). If you do not receive this email please contact us at sales@gcompris.net.

    This registration gives you the right to update to any new release of GCompris for 2 years. After that period, you can continue to use the latest release you got for as long as you wish.

    Alternatively, you can also buy the full version of GCompris directly from the Windows Store.

  • MacOSX
  • For MacOSX, the current version is not available anymore, we are working to bring it back soon. It will use the same code as the Windows version.

  • Android
  • For Android, the recommended way is to directly buy the full version from Google Play store.

    You can also install the demo available in the store, and use the in-app purchase button to unlock the full version from it. Note however that this second method doesn't allow to use the Google Play Family Library to share it with your family. Also, a few users reported issues to unlock the demo.

  • GNU/Linux
  • For users of Free-Software operating systems, the full version is always free.
    This means that for GNU/Linux, the installer we provide and the distribution packages have the full version. There is no need for any activation code.
    However, you can still support us with a donation, see below.

    Thanks for supporting Free Software in education.

    Timothée Giet.

    Legal reference: Company Timothée Giet RCS RENNES France 537 873 986.


    For schools and other institutions, you need a site license.
    The price of a site license depends on the number of installations.

    Please contact us at sales@gcompris.net to request a quote.


    You, your children or your school love GCompris. You can support the project with a donation.

    Developing software takes a lot of time, it needs hardware, and other requirements that have a cost. Currently all sales and donations are used to support one of the main contributors, a professional graphic artist and developer who is now in charge of the graphics and co-maintaining the application.

    Можете донирати износ по жељи кликом на дугме испод:

    Thanks for supporting Free Software in education.

    Timothée Giet.