GCompris is now released on Android

We are happy to announce that we published on Google play store the first public version of GCompris.

One year ago we made the hard decision to fully rewrite GCompris in QtQuick in order to address tablet users while keeping PC compatibility. As you can imagine it is a daunting task and something for sure that cannot be done alone. Thanks to the help of the many contributors who joined the project we have been able to port 86 activities out of the 140 of the legacy version in a year. See the status report. We hope to complete the port in the coming year. We continue to polish the new version every day but we already provide a better user experience than the legacy version.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the KDE community at large who took us under its cute umbrella and allowed us to attract numerous contributors, developers, translators and provided us development support.

Some numbers, within a year GCompris had 1211 commits made by 19 contributors representing 34000 lines of code plus the 8 KDE translation teams who reached 100% (Ukrainian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Dutch, Chinese Simplified and Brazilian Portuguese).

As you will see, the full Android version is sold for 6€ now but the price will have to be adjusted to find the optimal one. Software development is a lot of work, paying for GCompris is a good way to reward us and give us the opportunity to sustain the development on our beloved project. Another very easy way to help us is to share the news and rate us on Google play.

Help us bring new improved and unified graphics

We are launching a crowd funding campain with the goal to bring a new improved and unified graphics to GCompris.

Currently the graphics are one of the weakest part, as they were mostly done by the developers, using free graphics assets and sparse graphic artist contributions.

To address this problem, we found Timothée Giet, a talented graphic artist interested in working on a complete graphics redesign. He is a long standing Free-Software contributor, active member of the Krita team and so part of the KDE community.

Making new graphics for more than 100 activities is a big work, so we need your help to achieve this goal..

Global Learning XPRIZE

Be a part of bringing reading, writing, and arithmetic to 250 million kids.

picture of an african girl with a tablet

XPRIZE has launched the Global Learning XPRIZE to incentivize teams to create tablet-based Open Source software that will teach a child to read, write, and perform arithmetic, fully autonomously. The impact of this technology is to bring literacy to over 250 million children around the world. Give a child the gift of literacy.

Do you think GCompris has something to bring and should participate. Do you have ideas on how to reach this goal? Join the GCompris developer mailing list and tell us, we need your feedback, we need you.

KDE Randa Meeting

GCompris coding session in the Alps

GCompris is now officially a KDE application. As such, our development community is proud to participate for the first time to the KDE Randa meeting. This is an excellent opportunity for the GCompris developers to meet in real life and get in touch with experienced KDE developers. Please consider making a donation to help us finance this development sprint.
Release 14.05

Major fixes

  • Exclude known symbol fonts from the font selector
  • Now the python path separator is ';' on windows. Before that it was not possible to install GCompris on another disk drive on Windows (other than C:)
  • Added missing timer images (the balloon) in the multiplication table activity.

Translation update

  • Updated Russian translation by Yuri Myasoedov
  • Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis
  • Updated french translation by Bruno Coudoin
  • Updated Norwegian bokmål translation by Erlend Thune
Preview GCompris Qt 0.11
Just a little video showing a gimpse of our progress on the port of GCompris in Qt Quick. So far we already have 44 activities on the 144. We now have a configuration dialog box and a menu similar to the old version.
Release 14.03

Major feature

  • Added support for multigraph languages in click_on_letter by GunChleoc.
  • Added a font selector in the config dialog box by Bruno Coudoin. This feature replaces the skin selector. Removed the skin gartoon as it is useless now.

Minor changes

  • Replaced torta py pastel in Spanish text exercise
  • Added support for localized sound by GunChleoc. The 'yummy yummy' gnumch voice can now be translated in voices/$LOCALE/misc/eat.wav
  • Added a cute background to hexagon by Bruno Coudoin. The background comes from
  • Updated FSF's address by Daniel Mustieles.
  • Geography, fixed reference to sri_lanka.ogg by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Hangman, added missing word files by Bruno Coudoin. The Scottish Gaelic word list was not installed. Added a French word list. Fixed support for accentuated letters. The code that also check for accentuated letter in the word to find was broken.
  • Fixed administration to accept UTF-8 user entries by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed login by text entry by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed admin log list, user 0 was missing by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed a typo in the help ctrl-x is now ctrl-q by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Awale activity, fixes some bugs especially party end by Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre.
  • Leftright, fixed manual. better button name for translation by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Fixed wartercycle and hydroelectric activity click events by Hans de Goede.
  • Added bonus files from gartoon skin by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Changed default skin as gartoon, babytoy has been removed
  • Windows installer, fixed image format by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Config dialog layout change to make more room for texts by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Lang, fixed 'back to last level' mode by Bruno Coudoin. Fixed call to bonus so that we properly log success to each exercise.
  • Lang, fixed startup sequence in remember level mode by Bruno Coudoin. The ready button was bypassed in remember level mode.
  • Lang, fixed a python exec error case by Bruno Coudoin. If we have an error in the startup sequence a variable was used non initialized.
  • Lang activity, replaced by our own online version at (global replace in the code and the translations).
  • Administration, layout improvement by Bruno Coudoin. the module labels was too large. replaced them by tooltips.
  • Change back our licence file to properly report GPLV3+
  • Fixed selection of internal gnuchess by default by Cosimo Cecchi
  • click-on-letter, added french accentuated letters.
  • gnumch, fixed localization of eat.wav. A localize eat.wav can be provided in voices/$LOCALE/misc/eat.wav

Translation update

  • Fixed Russian translation by Stas Solovey.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Adorilson Bezerra.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Enrico Nicoletto.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael Ferreira.
  • Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký.
  • Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen.
  • Updated Dutch translation master by Herman van Beem.
  • Updated French translation by Bruno Coudoin.
  • Updated Galician translation by Gonçalo Cordeiro
  • Updated German translation by Christian Kirbach.
  • Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis.
  • Updated Hungarian translation by Gabor Kelemen
  • Updated Lithuanian translation by Aurimas Černius.
  • Updated Scottish Gaelic translation by GunChleoc.
  • Updated Serbian translation by Мирослав Николић.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Milagros Alessandra Infante Montero.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Rafael Ferreira
  • Updated russian word list by Mayya Sharipova.
  • Updated word list for gd by GunChleoc.
  • Updated English voice by Philip Morris and Julia Wycherley
GCompris's future

I have been particularly discreet for several months. It is not a sign of disinterest in this project, quiet the opposite.

In fact as you imagine, many users are requesting us a tablet version of GCompris and I tried to evaluate the different technical possibilities to bring GCompris to this world. Sadly, Gtk+ the core technology we are based on does not provide any easy way to run on tablet.

The main requirements for me was to be able to have a single code base that would let us target the main desktops and the main tablets.

After looking at different options, I settled on Qt Quick. It is a modern toolkit based on a novative descriptive language called QML that let you describe the user interface, javascript that complement it to code the game logic. It is also possible to develop the non graphical part of the application in C++ with Qt.

It is based on an OpenGL scene graph, we can create shader and particles to make graphical effects and do smooth animations.

In order to validate this choice, I did a prototype and this convinced me that it was a pertinent choice for GCompris. Even if this is a new technology, the learning curve is acceptable, with very few code you can create a very good looking activitiy. In my test it takes about half the lines of code to make the same activity in Qt Quick than we used to in Python and we get a better graphical quality.

The bad news is that it is not compatible with the current version of GCompris and it requires a full rewrite. All we can keep is the game logic and tuning, the texts, the translations, the graphics and the sounds.

I just published the GCompris-qt version on GitHub and updated our development page to give some starting points to build it yourself.

For those who don't want to compile it, you can look at the little video.

Another important point, since this is not based on Gtk+ this new version cannot be hosted by Gnome as we used to do. Therefore we cannot participate in the Google Summer of Code under the Gnome umbrella. I thus registered GCompris for this year session of GSoC and Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes accepted to be the official co-mentor.

If you are interested in helping GCompris, I encourage you to learn Qt Quick and to help port some activities. This is a good opportunity to learn a new technology while doing something useful. I still have to refine and document the process to create a new activity but it is not very complex.

GCompris on Gtk+ has been around for 14 years. It is true that the migration will take time, probably several years but this is something we have to do if we want to stay relevant in the coming years.


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