GCompris now available on Apple iOS Store (iPad and iPhone)

I am glad to announce that GCompris is now available on the Apple iOS store (iPad and iPhone).

Two years ago I just went out with the insane project of rewriting GCompris in Qt Quick and provide a version to mobile users. Many of you joined the project and made the dream comes true. We now have a free software for children available on all major platforms and most important we give them the ability to choose a free operating system.

We now have a solid software foundation, a vibrant little community and almost completed the Gtk+ port. There are still many things to do. I would like to see more innovative activities, we can experiment, exchange with teachers and find activities that will help them and the children in their teaching.

Release GCompris Qt 0.50
screenshots of the new activities in version 0.50

Just on time for Christmas and after 6 months of hard work we are shipping GCompris 0.50. So far we have many fixes and improvements all around in 563 commits done by 17 contributors and more than 20 translators.

Just looking at the 12 new activities:

  • Bruno: A single player and two player chess activity. It shows the children the possibilities of each pieces and is very easy to win against at first levels.
  • Bruno: An activity where the children listen to the sound sequence played, and reproduce it by clicking on xylophone's bars.
  • Siddhesh Suthar (part of GSoC): The children is proposed a set of words. Each word is shown with a voice, a text and an image. When done, an exercise asks him to find the right word given the voice.
  • Pulkit Gupta: A puzzle with famous paintings.
  • Johnny Jazeix, A reading practice activity. Some words are moving, it trains the children to read.
  • Sagar Chand Agarwal (part of GSoC): A scientific simulation where the children click on the different stages to make up the power supply.
  • Sagar Chand Agarwal (part of GSoC): The water system. In it, the children has to click on different active elements: sun, cloud, pumping station, and the sewage treatment plant, in order to reactivate the entire water system.
  • Holger: A fine motor skill practice activity. The children must navigate the ball to the door. Be careful to not make it fall into the holes. On mobile it uses the accelerometer. For this activity we have integrated the box2d engine ( ).
  • Rajdeep Kaur: The classical hangman. The children must guess the letters of the given word. To help, on every wrong try, a part of the image representing the word will be revealed.
  • Languages supported: Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Finnish (92% translated), French, Galician, German, Italian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Russian (98% translated), Slovak (92% translated), Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

    A loading overlay is now available to let the user know that some actions (loading a level in an activity for example) is taking place and can take some seconds. We also fixed visual glitches in some activities due to a misuse of ColorOverlay and Colorize items.

    Thanks to all of you who step by step make GCompris the outstanding educational software it is now.

    So far 2 years after the start of the Qt Quick port we completed the rewrite of 114 activities out of the 140 of the Gtk+version. You can check the status of the port. If we keep this momentum we can expect to announce the completion of the port somewhere next year.

    If you want to help, please make some posts in your community about GCompris.

    The source code tarball is available here (GNU/Linux packagers are welcome)

    For Android it is available on the Google play store.

    Release GCompris Gtk+ 15.10

    Bug fixes and improvements:

    • core, proper locale detection from the env variable
    • explore_wold_animals, changed the map background
    • german translation fix for letter 'b' broken in hangman
    • play_piano, fix string too large for button in some languages
    • play_rhythm, made a bigger text area to accomodate larger translations
    • add a generic-name entry in our desktop file
    • windows, set a bat file as a startup entry point to avoid the R6034 error
    • piano_composition, fix image name (eighth instead of quarter) by Johnny Jazeix

    Translations update:

    • Added Bosnian translation by Samir Ribic
    • Fixes to Catalan translation by Jordi Mas
    • Updated ALL_LINGUAS by Piotr Drąg
    • Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký
    • Updated Hebrew translation by Yosef Or Boczko
    • Updated Hungarian translation by Balázs Úr
    • Updated Lithuanian translation by Aurimas Černius
    • Updated Portuguese translation by Pedro Albuquerque
    • Updated Scottish Gaelic translation
    • Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles
    • Updated Swedish translation by Anders Jonsson and Josef Andersson
    • Updated Turkish translation by Atilla ÖNTAŞ


    • Updated Brazilian Portuguese by Marcos Dias Meneghel
    • Initial catalan voices by Antoni Bella Pérez
    GCompris goes to KDE Randa Meeting 2015

    The Randa meeting is an annual KDE sprint that takes place in Randa, Switzerland from the 6th to the 13th of September.

    Participants donate their time to help improve the software you love and this is why we need money to cover hard expenses like accommodation and travel to get the volunteer contributors to Randa. The Randa Meetings will benefit everyone who uses KDE software.

    This year, the GCompris team will go to Randa Meetings to continue and finalize the Qt Quick port. After one and a half year of development we ported 100 activities on the 140 of the Gtk+ version. We have several activities in the pipe coming from our Google of Code students. In Randa we will continue the review and integration of the pending activities, and define how we will implement the most challenging ones that remains to be ported. We will also take this opportunity to record the voice of any participant to improve our international support.

    You can support the Randa Meetings by making a donation, following the official page.

    Randa Fundraiser Banner
    Release GCompris Qt 0.41

    The release 0.41 is available on the Google play store.

    Since last version (0.34), we added 17 activities making GCompris going over 100 activities (103 to be precise): algebra_div, babymatch, babyshapes, braille_fun, chronos, details, geo-country, geography, hanoi, hanoi_real, imagename, intro_gravity, louis-braille, simplepaint, superbrain, tic_tac_toe and tic_tac_toe_2players.

    Moreover, thanks to KDE translation teams, we have 16 languages fully supported: Ukrainian, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian (new), Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian Nynorsk, Italian, German (new), Galician (new), French, Dutch, Chinese Traditional, Catalan, British English and Brazilian Portuguese.

    Also, following out indiegogo campaign, Timothée Giet managed to update all icons (activities + core ones) along with some background images. You can see the result in this video.

    Release GCompris Gtk+ 15.02

    Bug fixes and improvements:

    • missing_letter, data fix for bolsa and pastel in Spanish by Edy Paz
    • lang, fix a bug in case of excactly 12 triplets in the dataset by Jan Boon
    • trying to avoid a crash case in the menu by Bruno Coudoin
    • gletters, add Norwegian Bokmål dataset based on the Nynorsk one by Bruno Coudoin
    • Fix a typo in submarine.c by Gabor Kelemen

    Translations update:

    • Updated Russian translation by Stas Solovey
    • Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles
    • Updated Serbian translation by Мирослав Николић
    • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael Ferreira
    • Updated Hungarian translation by Balázs Úr
    • Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký
    • Updated Hungarian translation by Balázs Úr
    Release GCompris Qt 0.28

    Bug fixes and improvements:

    • A new activity in the reading section to learn words. Currently supports German, English, Spanish, French, Gaelic and Brazilian Portuguese
    • Menu, add a message when we have no favorite
    • Menu, better icon for locked activities
    • Falling letters, adaptative falling speed on success / failure
    • Color mixing, fixed broken image on some system. Fixed text position.
    • Fix a crash in restricted profile.
    • Disabled particle effects as it crashes on several Android devices
    • Our VirtualKeyboard has a larger key height
    • On many activities, normalized difficulty levels. Now level 1 does not require reading skills.
    • DialogConfig, allow to set a base font-size
    • DialogConfig, better layout in portrait mode
    • Android: stop all audio playback when application leaves active state
    • Ask for downloading voices at the first start
    • No more show the blocked activities if in demo mode (An option can enable it)
    • Update of Andika and OpenDyslexic fonts

    Translations update:

    Ukrainian (Yuri Chornoivan), Swedish (Stefan Asserhäll), Portuguese (José Nuno Coelho Pires), Polish (Łukasz Wojniłowicz), French (Ludovic Grossard), Dutch (Freek de Kruijf), Chinese Simplified (Weng Xuetian), Brazilian Portuguese (Luiz Fernando Ranghetti).

    New translations:

    Norwegian Nynorsk (Karl Ove Hufthammer), Italian (Vincenzo Reale), Catalan (Antoni Bella Pérez), British English.


    Bruno Coudoin, Burkhard Lück, Holger Kaelberer, Johnny Jazeix, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Luigi Toscano, Paolo Gibellini.

    GCompris is now released on Android

    We are happy to announce that we published on Google play store the first public version of GCompris.

    One year ago we made the hard decision to fully rewrite GCompris in QtQuick in order to address tablet users while keeping PC compatibility. As you can imagine it is a daunting task and something for sure that cannot be done alone. Thanks to the help of the many contributors who joined the project we have been able to port 86 activities out of the 140 of the legacy version in a year. See the status report. We hope to complete the port in the coming year. We continue to polish the new version every day but we already provide a better user experience than the legacy version.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the KDE community at large who took us under its cute umbrella and allowed us to attract numerous contributors, developers, translators and provided us development support.

    Some numbers, within a year GCompris had 1211 commits made by 19 contributors representing 34000 lines of code plus the 8 KDE translation teams who reached 100% (Ukrainian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Dutch, Chinese Simplified and Brazilian Portuguese).

    As you will see, the full Android version is sold for 6€ now but the price will have to be adjusted to find the optimal one. Software development is a lot of work, paying for GCompris is a good way to reward us and give us the opportunity to sustain the development on our beloved project. Another very easy way to help us is to share the news and rate us on Google play.

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