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GCompris adalah kumpulan permainan mendidik yang berisi berbagai kegiatan untuk anak umur 2 sampai dengan 10 tahun.

Beberapa aktivitas berorientasi pada permainan, tetapi masih memiliki nilai edukasi.

Daftar aktivitas dengan beberapa contoh:

  • pengenalan komputer: keyboard, mouse, layar sentuh ...
  • membaca: huruf, kata, belajar membaca, mengetik teks ...
  • aritmetika: angka, operasi, tabel ingatan, tabel masukan ganda ...
  • sains: pintu air, siklus air, energi terbarukan ...
  • geografi: negara, daerah, budaya ...
  • permainan: catur, ingatan, align 4, hangman, tic-tac-toe ...
  • lainnya: warna, bentuk, Braille, belajar bercerita ...

Pada saat ini GCompris menawarkan lebih dari 100 aktivitas, dan masih banyak yang sedang dikembangkan. GCompris adalah perangkat lunak bebas, yang berarti anda dapat menyesuaikan untuk kebetuhan anda, memperbaikinya, dan yang terpenting adalah untuk membagikannya kepada anak-anak dimana saja

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Release GCompris Qt 0.90
screenshots of the new activities in version 0.90


We are happy to bring you GCompris 0.90.

This new version contains 8 new activities:

  • A calendar activity where the child learns how to use it (by Amit Sagtani)
  • Another activity based on calendar where the child has to find the date corresponding to a date + some days further/before this date (by Amit Sagtani))
  • An activity to learn how people on a family are related and how to call this relation (started by Rajdeep Kaur on a previous GSoC, completed by Rudra Nil Basu during last GSoC)
  • Another similar activity with questions about family members
  • An extension of memory activities where the child has to match lowercase letters with their corresponding uppercase (by Aman Gupta)
  • The same activity in two players mode with Tux (by Aman Gupta)
  • The Gtk+ port and improved submarine activity where the child learns a basic overview on how to run a submarine (by Rudra Nil Basu)
  • The digital electricity activity where the child can use different components to create an electric schema. There is also a tutorial mode to explain how to use each component (started by Pulkit Gupta on previous GSoC, completed by Rudra Nil Basu)

  • We always have new features, content and bug fixes:

  • Updated graphics on several activities by Timothée Giet
  • Irish translation, voices and datasets by Séamus Ó Briain
  • Lot of improvements on removing overriding elements issues (score were hidden behind the bar...)
  • Add Tutorial item to be able to have activity introductions with both images and texts
  • Add easy mode in letter in word with less words displayed
  • Add license page
  • Lots of small bug fixes

  • You can find this new version on the download page.

    On the translation side, we have 14 languages fully supported: British English, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Chinese Traditional , Dutch, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian;
    And some partially supported: Belarusian (87%), Brazilian Portuguese (87%), Breton (65%), Chinese Simplified (80%), Estonian (79%), Finnish (78%), Galician(87%), German (83%), Hindi (86%), Irish Gaelic (99%), Norwegian Nynorsk (86%), Russian (80%), Slovak (76%), Slovenian (70%), Polish (99%), Turkish (93%).

    If you want to help, please make some posts in your community about GCompris and don't hesitate to give feedbacks.

    Thank you all,
    Timothée & Johnny

    GCompris available from the Windows Store
    GCompris in Windows Store

    As the title says, you can now buy the full version of GCompris for Windows 10 from the Windows Store.

    This is a good way to make it more visible and easy to find for new users. Also, if you buy GCompris from the Windows Store, you get automatic updates, you can install it easily on all your Windows systems, and it will run in a sandbox.

    Spread the word !

    GCompris in Windows Store

    If you prefer to not use the store, or if you only want the free demo version, you can still download it from our Download page, and buy the activation code to unlock all the activities. The store is just one more way to distribute GCompris, and to provide some income to support the project.

    As usual, the full version is free on Free-Software operating systems like GNU/Linux, but for proprietary operating systems like Windows, the full version has a cost. Of course, the source code of GCompris is and will always be under a Free-Software license.

    Note: the package on the store contains the version using the software renderer instead of OpenGL, since it's the only way we have for now to make sure it will work on any computer. If you really want the version using OpenGL, get it from our Download page.

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