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GCompris es un programa de cómputo educacional con diferentes actividades para niños entre 2 y 10 años de edad.

Algunas actividades son como juegos, pero siempre son educacionales

Encontrarás algunas actividades dentro de los siguientes temas:

  • descubriendo la computadora: teclado, ratón, diferentes movimientos del ratón, ...
  • aritmética: tabla de memoria, enumeración, tabla de doble entrada (balance), imagen espejo, ...
  • Ciencia: El canal, El ciclo del agua, El submarino, ...
  • geografía: Coloca los países en el mapa.
  • juegos: ajedrez, memoria, ...
  • lectura: práctica de lectura
  • otros: Aprende a decir la hora, Rompecabezas de pinturas famosas, dibujos por vectores, ...

En total, GCompris comprende mas de 100 actividades y evoluciona constantemente. GCompris es Software Libre, por lo tanto tienes la posibilidad de adaptarlo a tus necesidades, o de mejorarlo, y porque no, de compartir tu trabajo con niños de todo el mundo.

Noticias Recientes

GCompris is now released on Android

We are happy to announce that we published on Google play store the first public version of GCompris.

One year ago we made the hard decision to fully rewrite GCompris in QtQuick in order to address tablet users while keeping PC compatibility. As you can imagine it is a daunting task and something for sure that cannot be done alone. Thanks to the help of the many contributors who joined the project we have been able to port 86 activities out of the 140 of the legacy version in a year. See the status report. We hope to complete the port in the coming year. We continue to polish the new version every day but we already provide a better user experience than the legacy version.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the KDE community at large who took us under its cute umbrella and allowed us to attract numerous contributors, developers, translators and provided us development support.

Some numbers, within a year GCompris had 1211 commits made by 19 contributors representing 34000 lines of code plus the 8 KDE translation teams who reached 100% (Ukrainian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Dutch, Chinese Simplified and Brazilian Portuguese).

As you will see, the full Android version is sold for 6€ now but the price will have to be adjusted to find the optimal one. Software development is a lot of work, paying for GCompris is a good way to reward us and give us the opportunity to sustain the development on our beloved project. Another very easy way to help us is to share the news and rate us on Google play.

Help us bring new improved and unified graphics

We are launching a crowd funding campain with the goal to bring a new improved and unified graphics to GCompris.

Currently the graphics are one of the weakest part, as they were mostly done by the developers, using free graphics assets and sparse graphic artist contributions.

To address this problem, we found Timothée Giet, a talented graphic artist interested in working on a complete graphics redesign. He is a long standing Free-Software contributor, active member of the Krita team and so part of the KDE community.

Making new graphics for more than 100 activities is a big work, so we need your help to achieve this goal..

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