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GCompris ist eine Lernsoftware, die verschiedene Aktivitäten für Kinder im Alter von 2 bis 10 Jahren anbietet.

Einige Aktivitäten sind eher spielerisch, aber immer lehrreich.

Sie können Aktivitäten aus folgenden Bereichen in GCompris finden:

  • Entdeckung des Computers: Tastatur, Maus, Mausbewegungen,...
  • Arithmetik: Zählen, Grundrechenarten, Kombitabellen,...
  • Wissenschaft: die Schleuse, der Wasserkreislauf, das U-Boot,...
  • Erdkunde: Länder auf einer Karte anordnen
  • Spiele: Knobelspiele, Schach, Memory,...
  • Lesen: Leseübungen
  • Sonstiges: die Uhrzeit, berühmte Gemälde als Puzzlespiele, Zeichnen,...

Insgesamt beinhaltet GCompris mehr als 100 Aktivitäten und wird ständig weiterentwickelt. GCompris ist freie Software. Sie haben also die Möglichkeit, sie ihren Bedürfnissen anzupassen und zu verbessern, und gerne auch alle Kinder der Welt von Ihrer Arbeit profitieren zu lassen.


Release GCompris Qt 0.61
screenshots of the new activities in version 0.61

After 7 months, we are proud to announce the new version of GCompris 0.61.

One important change on the commercial side of GCompris. Bruno Coudoin is now replaced by Timothée Giet as the commercial entity. Timothée is a graphic artist with a long list of contributions on GCompris and in the KDE community. After 16 years of continuous development on GCompris, Bruno is willing to step down and gives the opportunity to a new team to bring the project forward. For now, all sales go to Timothée and he is in charge of the commercial support. There are no changes in the licensing nor in the development process which is still under the responsability of the KDE community (Johnny Jazeix being the most active contributor).

The new activities are:

  • A simple wordprocessor (baby_word_processor by Bruno Coudoin), this activity is not available on mobile platforms due to issues with the virtual keyboard: if we only use the real keyboard, styles don't apply and if we only use the virtual keyboard, we can't navigate in the text, select it...
  • A tangram (by Bruno Coudoin). It starts with children friendly levels to introduce each concepts little by little and end up in the real tangram.
  • Explore the monuments of the world (explore_monuments by Ayush Agrawal during SoK).
  • An activity in which the children must color a graph so that no two adjacent nodes have the same color (graph_coloring by Akshat Tandon during SoK).
  • Pilot the spaceship towards the green landing area (land_safe by Holger Kaelberer).
  • Find the differences between the two pictures (photo_hunter by Stefan Toncu).
  • Timothée Giet updated images for chess, hangman and horizontal/vertical reading activities along with the gcompris logo.

    Lots of little fixes/improvements have been done (storing and restoring the window's width/height at start-up, docbook updated, levels/images bonus, adding an internal dataset for words games so that we no more expect the network to run GCompris (except for the voices but they also can be bundled in the binary).

    On translation side, we have 17 languages fully supported: Belarusian, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Chinese Simplified, Dutch, French, Galician, Italian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian and some partially: Breton (88%), Chinese Traditional (97%), Estonian (82%), Finnish (74%), German (93%), Russian (83%), Slovak (76%), Slovenian (82%), Turkish (82%)

    If you want to help, please make some posts in your community about GCompris.

    The source code tarball is available here (GNU/Linux packagers are welcome)

    For Android it is available on the Google play store.

    GCompris now available on Apple iOS Store (iPad and iPhone)

    I am glad to announce that GCompris is now available on the Apple iOS store (iPad and iPhone).

    Two years ago I just went out with the insane project of rewriting GCompris in Qt Quick and provide a version to mobile users. Many of you joined the project and made the dream comes true. We now have a free software for children available on all major platforms and most important we give them the ability to choose a free operating system.

    We now have a solid software foundation, a vibrant little community and almost completed the Gtk+ port. There are still many things to do. I would like to see more innovative activities, we can experiment, exchange with teachers and find activities that will help them and the children in their teaching.

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