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GCompris - гэта высакаякасны комплекс навучальнага праграмнага забеспячэння, які змяшчае багатую колькасць практыкаванняў для дзяцей ва ўзросце ад 2 да 10.

Некаторыя практыкаванні маюць характар гульні, але ж выконваюць адукацыйную ролю.

Here is the list of activity categories with some examples:

  • вывучэнне кампутара: клавіятуры, мышкі, розныя дзеянні мышкі, ...
  • чытанне: практыка чытання
  • арыфметыка: лік, табліцы і тэхнікі навучання, ...
  • навука: канальны шлюз, цыкл вады, падводная лодка, сімуляцыя электрычнай схемы ...
  • geography: countries, regions, culture ...
  • гульні: шахматы, на памяць, злучыць 4, оварэ, судоку ...
  • other: colors, shapes, Braille, learn to tell time ...

Цяпер GCompris прапануе як найменш 100 практыкаванняў і яшчэ распрацоўваюцца новыя. GCompris - гэта вольнае праграмнае забеспячэнне, і гэта значыць, што Вы можаце адаптаваць яго пад свае мэты, паляпшаць і, што найважней - дзяліцца ім з дзеткамі паўсюль.

Апошнія навіны

GCompris available from the Windows Store
GCompris in Windows Store

As the title says, you can now buy the full version of GCompris for Windows 10 from the Windows Store.

This is a good way to make it more visible and easy to find for new users. Also, if you buy GCompris from the Windows Store, you get automatic updates, you can install it easily on all your Windows systems, and it will run in a sandbox.

Spread the word !

GCompris in Windows Store

If you prefer to not use the store, or if you only want the free demo version, you can still download it from our Download page, and buy the activation code to unlock all the activities. The store is just one more way to distribute GCompris, and to provide some income to support the project.

As usual, the full version is free on Free-Software operating systems like GNU/Linux, but for proprietary operating systems like Windows, the full version has a cost. Of course, the source code of GCompris is and will always be under a Free-Software license.

Note: the package on the store contains the version using the software renderer instead of OpenGL, since it's the only way we have for now to make sure it will work on any computer. If you really want the version using OpenGL, get it from our Download page.

GCompris Qt for Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi gcompris on Raspberry Pi

We are very happy to bring you GCompris 0.81, this time on Raspberry Pi.

This version for Raspberry Pi was made possible thanks to the new "light" mode that we've been working on (read the previous post to learn more about this new rendering mode).

It was built and tested on Raspberry Pi 3, where it works good. Since it was not tested a lot yet, this first package is considered beta. Please report any issue you may experience with it. If you can try it on a Pi 2, please let us know the result. It was also not tested on Pi 1, but those probably don't have enough cpu and/or ram to run it.

The installer is on the Download page with all instructions needed to use it.

Thank you all,
Timothée & Johnny

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